Insanity Fitness Review

On this page you will find my daily thoughts (and probably moans)  of the Insanity Fitness Programme. For more details on what this fitness programme is, read this Introduction to Insanity blog post.

Day 1 – Fit Test

So I popped the Insanity Fit Test DVD into my laptop and was pleased to see the workout was only around 30 minutes long… that’s great, I thought,  I can do 30 minutes of anything.. no matter how hard it is it’s only going to last for 30 minutes!  The Fit Test is a warm up, 8 workout moves that you have to do for one minute each and a cool down. The idea is that you get given a fairly simple exercise and you have to do as many reps as possible during that one minute, then note the number down. Then when you complete the Fit Test every 2 weeks you should see some improvement in number of reps each time.

For my first Insanity Fit Test I don’t think I did too badly, I mean I wasn’t too far away from the numbers that the people on the DVD started out at, but I was shattered once I finished. My best move was the Switch Kicks, probably because this is the first exercise! And my worst move was the Globe Jumps, which is probably because they are bloody tiring… Jumping around for a minute really does take it out of you!

The Fit Test was tough, but not impossible! My heart rate was right up throughout the workout and I burnt nearly 300 minute in 30 minutes! I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow workout will be like!

Day 2 – Plyometric Cardio Circuit

I write this as I am sat on the floor having just killed myself through this workout. I was already dreading this workout because  one – I had incredibly tight glutes, hams and quads from yesterdays workout and two – it’s a plyometric workout which basically means jumping around like a loon for 45 minutes! This workout first started with a fairly tough warmup, which he pushes you to do faster and faster each time. After a tiring warmup and a 5 minute stretch I was pleased to feel that my muscles had completely loosened up and I was ready for the circuit. The first circuit wasn’t too difficult; it was a mixture of four moves which you do for 1 minute then take a 30 second rest. The hard bit is when he asks you to do the same circuit but faster, then after dying through the second time through he tells you to do it again even faster! After the “intermediate” circuit there is a “expert” circuit which although the moves are fairly simple, they require constant a up-and-down movement, which after about 20 seconds of lugging yourself onto and then up-from the floor, gets pretty tiring! Again you do the circuit three times, each time a little quicker than previously. I managed to do about 1 and half rounds of this “expert” circuit before I felt a little nauseous, so slowed it down a little. My average heart rate for this workout was 170 beats per minute, so I definitely pushed my body hard, but I feel like next time I could push a little more.

Day 3 – Cardio Power & Resistance

Well I’m starting to see a pattern. Warmup – stretch – 4 station circuit x3 – bonus move – 4 station circuit x 3 – bonus move – cool down!

Today’s circuits incorporate my strength exercises which I was pleased to see, a few new moves that I haven’t tried before, and plenty of pushups which are always a challenge! I feel less stiff today which is great, but after today’s strength moves I think my arms, back and glutes will be sore tomorrow. Unfortunately my heart rate monitor didn’t work correctly today so was difficult to tell if I was pushing myself when I should, and if I rested long enough between the circuits.

Day 4 – Cardio Recovery

After taking two days rest (for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day) my body had kind of repaired the stiff muscles I had, however I still put on the Cardio Recovery DVD and am glad I did. Cardio Recovery is a god send after days 1, 2 & 3 I’m sure. It is a yoga based workout that concentrates on deep stretches and deep breathing. As with all yoga workouts you finish feeling refreshed and on a high. As it is an Insanity workout there are a few resistance moves thrown in so you do workout and work your muscles a little extra. The segment which included prolonged and repeated squats, lunges and pulses really works your legs and bum! I’m looking forward to a cardio workout tomorrow so I can burn off my Christmas Day indulgence… some damage control!

Day 5- Total Cardio & Cardio Abs

Well haven’t I been a little slacker, ashamed to say I took another couple of days off. But I’m back to it now, and am sticking with it.

Today’s Total Cardio workout was incredibly tough! It was laid out differently to the other workout in that is wasn’t in circuits it was about 17 minute of pure cardio. I didn’t expect that at all, and it was tough! Tony (the trainer) does 30 second to 1 minute reps of a workout then switches to another. It you’re tired you are meant to take 10-30 second rests then jump straight back to it. The participants in the DVDs were dropping like flies so I don’t feel too bad in taking the rests I did. A lot of the moves were moves from the Fit Test on day one, so it’s good to see some I recognise and one’s I can work on so that my next Fit Test in a weeks time is better than my first one.

After completing 45 minutes of cardio you then do another 15 minutes of cardio and toning exercise all aimed at your abs. There isn’t a crunch or sit-up in sight. It’s all above moves that engage your entire core and work it all at the same time. Some of the moves are again tough (its called insanity for a reason!) but not impossible, so I gave it my best shot!

Day 6- Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Today’s workout is a repeat of day 2’s workout, and I’m pleased to say I did better than I did the first time. I am now able to make it through the warmup with resting (yeah the warm up is tough!), and managed to take fewer rests than last time.

The first circuit seemed a lot easier than it was the first time, but I think that because I’m getting used to the format of the workouts now. The second circuit was still hell! I had to take an extended rest before I joined in with the second circuit as my heart rare was at it’s maximum, so I waited until it came back down again. Overall I’m impressed with my attempt today, here’s hoping that the next time I do this workout I’m even better!

Day 7- Rest Day

Day 8 – Cardio Power and Resistance

Oh I think this one is possibly my least favourite workout…. yeah it great as it kicks my but, but that’s also why I hate it a little. Even the warmup is more intense in this workout!

There are a lot of squatting movements and jumping involved in this workout so I know by glutes and abs are going to hurt tomorrow! My heart rate monitor worked correctly this time and showed that my maximum heart rate was actually the highest it could be so I definitely pushed myself! Thankfully my average heart rate was at a less extreme level!

Day 9- Pure Cardio

Pure Cardio…. more like pure torture! The cardio part of this workout is only around 20 minutes long, however it is the toughest 20 minutes of cardio I’ve ever done… who knew that jumping around for 20 minutes was so tough!

Thankfully I found it easier than when I did it the first time, but I still had to take plenty of rests throughout. My Polar HRM was playing up again today, so don’t have a clue it its readings are correct which is very annoying! Tomorrows is a new workout so I’m looking forward to that!

Day 10 – Plyo Cardio Circuit

So it turns out that Cardio Circuit is the same as Plyo Cardio Circuit! It took me a while to figure that out at 6 this morning! So it isn’t a new workout as I thought yesterday.

This is the third time I’ve done the plyo workout and again I’m getting better! Warmup was a lot easier as was the first circuit. I’m still yet to complete it without taking mini 2 second rests but think next time I will be able to power through. The second circuit is still tough, I struggle with the drill workouts as I’m not the best at pushups… so definitely need to work on them!

Day 11 – Cardio Recovery

I did not want to get up this morning, but knowing today’s workout was only cardio recovery helped. As mentioned previously cardio recovery is a slow paced, deep stretching based workout. After today’s stretch and the massage I had on Monday my back feels amazing and I feel two inches taller. There are still some tough moves in this workout… after all it in insanity!

Day 12 – Cardio Power and Resistance

Oh wow! This is definitely a tough one! So much more jumping in this one, although I’m pleased to say my power jumps are getting a lot stronger and higher, I actually feel like I’m bouncing rather than just throwing myself about. I’m feeling a lot more toned in my legs so they must be getting stronger!


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