New year. New me. Bullshit

Hello 2019! Anyone else already sick of everyone’s Instagram year in review Instagram stories and 2019 goals, ambitions, promises, resolutions? Yeah. Me too. But here I am talking about what I want to achieve, because why the hell not. I’m all about taking the New Year to reflect on the year you have completed and […]


Insert motivation here

Eight weeks to go until my second attempt at the Great North Run and four weeks have managed to pass without lacing up my trainers. I’m not even sure how this has happened. I’ve even managed a Did Not Start during this four weeks. Which is the first time ever I’ve managed to not make […]


Great North Run plan of action

Wow, it’s been a while. Motivation for both blogging and running have seem to have disappeared after completing the Great Manchester Run 3 weeks ago. Please tell me I’m not the only one who seems to lose their drive after completing a big race. I surly can’t be the only one who crosses the finish […]