fitness friday

Workout Wednesday // One

  Now I don’t know about you, but I’m always impressed by women doing pushups. They’re seen as being a “man” workout, yet for such a simple move they are really effective and very beneficial to women too! For the past three weeks I’ve been doing pushups every evening in an attempt to build up […]


Sweet Treats with go ahead!

   Snacking for me is an important part of a healthy diet. Everyone’s diet is different, but I’ve found that snacks stop me getting too hungry and over eating when it comes to my meal – I’m very much a little and often eater. In fact I have to be careful as I can easily […]


Taking Backward Steps

If health and fitness isn’t your priority you’re never going to progress. I’ve learnt this the hard way this year. Over the past few months or so my health and fitness became a less important focus in my life. Saving money, buying a house and moving house took it’s toll on my preparation and organisation […]