Balancing body positivity with fitness

It’s been a while. It’s been a while since writing my thoughts on this blog. It’s been a while since I took running seriously. It’s been a while since I concentrate on my weight.

And as expected my life has not gotten worse because I’ve not lost weight.

Not concentrating on my weight has been a journey I’ve been on for about a year now. And as expected my life has not gotten worse because I’ve not lost weight. In fact it’s been a lot better. I’ve spent more time doing things I enjoy. Applying my thoughts and efforts to productive things like my relationship, career, house renovations. I’ve travelled a lot, I’ve progressed a lot with my house and progressed in my career and personal development.

Not having that little voice in my head questioning everything that goes into my mouth has been very liberating and freed up a lot of time.

However. My fitness has taken a backwards step. In fact my fitness has fallen off a cliff. As I’ve been on a journey to battle my food demons I’ve not prioritised working out because historically I’ve always associated working out with weight loss. So when I started the journey to become more body positive working out jarred against that so it was easier to take a pause while I sorted my head and thoughts out.

History I’ve always associated working out with weight loss

Losing my fitness has been a slow journey but it’s got to a point I want to feel strong again. I want to climb more than 3 flights of stairs without being out of breath. I think that fact that I want to feel strong not skinny means my head is in the right place to dip my toes into a routine which includes working out to be fitter not smaller.

So I’m going on a journey to find out if I can get fit again without concentrating on my weight.

I know it’s going to be an interesting journey and one which won’t go in a straight line. But I need to balance being body positive with my fitness.

At the moment becoming strong and the Great North Run are my motivations. I’m starting with small steps but steps every day. Reading online I’ve found some tips to get me going:

  • Set fitness goals which have nothing to do with how you look
  • Be thankful of what your body can achieve
  • Focus on how you feel not look
  • Do it for yourself not others

So with that in mind my first goals are;

  • move more every day – use my garmin to track my steps
  • 3 HIIT workouts a week – short bursts of activity make it easier for me to fit in the day and should see some quick returns to my fitness so I stay motivated
  • 2 runs a week – yes this is very low (especially among the running blogging community) but I’ve not been consistent in so long that I know I need to start small to build this up.

Today is day 1!

Have you recently set new goals for yourself?