Any body can run. Fuck you for judging mine.

Seriously, we’re in 2019 and people still believe that unless you’re anything less than a size 10 you 1) aren’t fit and 2) desperately want to be a size 10.

Well let me tell you this, just because I’m not a size 10 does not mean I am not fit. It does not mean I can’t run. It does not mean I’m running for the sole purpose to lose weight.

I run because I enjoy running. I run because I enjoy moving my body. I run because I enjoy the community. I run because it helps my mental health. I run because I like to push myself.

One of THE greatest things about running races or parkrun or a running club is that it truly shows you that ANY BODY of any size can run. All shapes and sizes. Size does not directly correlate to fitness. Size 10 people can be unfit and size 16+ can be fit. ANY BODY deserves to have clothes to wear when running that are not only supportive and functional but look good. ANY BODY deserves to be represented in stores and in press and in marketing.

Diet Culture (a society that focuses on and values weight, shape, and size over health and well-being) was well and truly alive in that telegraph article regarding the plus size mannequin in a Nike store.

Fat phobia was well and truly alive in the comments section. “Maybe she’s just taking her first steps.” “maybe she’s just started to run to get fitter.” Although it may have been well intended it’s not right.

Maybe she’s running marathons.
Maybe she’s been running for years.
Maybe she’s running quicker than you.
Maybe she’s not wanting to shrink her body to fit your outdated view of what beauty and fitness looks like.

So fuck you for judging my body. My body can run. ANY BODY can run. You don’t know what my body is capable of. You don’t know what I’m capable of.


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