Runsploring: bringing joy back to running

Running and exploring. Runsploring. Yes it’s a thing. Honest. Runsploring at home or away. Runsploring a new city before a race or just bringing your trainers along with you on holiday or when visiting friends and family. I’m sure we’ve all laced up and headed out the door for a run somewhere new and discovered it’s a great way to bring some fun back to your running.

I’ve been struggling to find the joy in running recently so I’ve taken away my Garmin and Strava so I concentrate on how a run feels rather than what my technology tells me to feel. And it’s been refreshing. However running somewhere new is helping me find even more joy.

While honeymooning I’ve brought my trainers along and headed out atleast once at each of the stops on our trip.

In Singapore, struck with jet lag my husband and I got the first train to the marina to watch the sunrise. I headed out for a short run, he ambled around taking photos. Being awake in a city, running alongside locals, being around before the surge of tourists appear is refreshing. Not only can you get the best photos, but you get to experience a city and its beauty before the rest of the world wakes up. The glow from the golden sun, the peaceful sound of early morning bird call are things that the majority of tourists will never experience.

The joy of running somewhere new means you can’t attempt to beat your PB on a run segment. You can’t preplan your route knowing where the inclines and declines are. You just have to run. You just have to see how it goes.

You just have to run. You just have to see how it goes.

The inability to think too much about what’s coming up means you get out of your head and just enjoy the movement of running.

Yes you will stop to double check your map. Yes you will stop to take photos. Yes you will miss a crossing and have to double back on yourself. Yes your pace will suffer but that’s not the point. The point is to keep out of your head, explore somewhere you’ve never been before, possible before anyone else does that day, and make some memories.

It’s refreshing to run somewhere new and I think it’s something I think I need to incorporate into my training while at home. Yes we all have our favourite routes, but I think we’re all to guilty of looking at our training plans seeing its 5 miles so knowing which exact route to run, or seeing 10 miles on the plan so doing your 9 mile route plus that extra few streets here and there, seeing 18 and knowing a certain town is 9 miles away so you’ll just run there and back. We know our neighbourhoods inside out and don’t venture too much outside of that when it comes to running. However if we were to see 10 miles on our plan and instead open up Google Maps and plan a new route this could help us get out of the running grind and add some joy back to running.

I plan to continue to runsplore during our honeymoon and continue to find joy in running (at least for now!)

Have you ever runsplored somewhere? Where has been your favourite place to runsplore?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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