2019 running goals

I wouldn’t be much of a running blogger if I didn’t share my running goals. I mean I feel a bit like a fraud of a running blogger at the moment anyways, but that’s for a different blog post. So in the light of it being the new year I wanted to look back at my 2018 goals and set new ones that I will be smashing over the next 365 days. 360 days.

Did I achieve my 2018 goals?

No. No I did not. I have a million different excuses as to why. Primarily planning the wedding of the year. No not Megan and Harry’s, my own. But, no I did not achieve what I wanted to in 2018 with my running. And no matter how amazing my wedding was it’s still disappointing to look back and see a lull in my running last year.

Last year I had the very realistic goal of 4 races over the year, but ended up with 3 did not starts and one race completed. I mean the race I did complete turned out to be a fantastic race in that I attended purely by myself, smashed my PB and learned a lot. But to not start 3 races was poor.

However I did achieve other goals I set myself. I wanted to fix my instability caused by my broken ankle injury, increase my running confidence, and increase my fitness. Up until my wedding when I was working out regularly I smashed all of these. Thanks to attending a local bootcamp class 4 – 5 times a week I really saw my strength and confidence increase along side my instability.

My 2019 goals

So in reflection of my poor show last year. 2019 I want to set some specific goals to ensure I make the improvements I know I’m capable of.

Over the past few years I have concentrated on half marathons when it came to my training however I really want to see my running speed increase. So 2019 is going to be the year of the 10k! The only half marathon I have planned is the Great North Run in September, but other than that I’m going to complete a number of 10k races and smash my PB. So here’s my goals

Smash my 5K PB

Currently this stands at 34:56 but I’m not averaging anywhere near that at the moment so I have some work to do. I want aim to smash this PB by increasing my fitness and strength through bootcamp classes and incorporating more speed work into my running.

Smash my 10k PB

My 10K PB is currently 1:13:44, however my race PB is 1:22:00, so I have some work to do. I’d like to see my first 10k this year hitting sub 1:20:00 (12:45/mi pace) with my ultimate PB being 1:12:00 (11:35/mi pace).

Attend my local park run

As part of my goal to improve my 5k PB I want to attend my local parkrun. I do have a bootcamp class at a similar time so won’t be committing to every week but I’d like to start going at least once a month.

Continue to increase my fitness with cross training

Over the second half of last year I starting attending a local bootcamp class and really enjoyed it. I saw a difference in my speed, fitness and tone after just a few weeks so definitely want to continue to attend these classes in 2019.

Increase my average pace from approx 13:00/mi to approx 12:00/mi

Over 2018 I managed to get my average pace from the 14 minute mile area to the 13 minute mile area. In 2019 I want to get back down to my pre-broken ankle speed of 12 minute miles and better. It’s taken me some time to build my strength and predominately confidence post broken ankle so that my current speed is 13 minute miles. But I now no longer second think every step a take when running so know I can get back down to 12 and 11 minute miles as my standard pace in 2019.

Soon I will be signing up to my first 10k race and starting a training plan, which of course I will blog about as I progress.

Here’s to a 2019 filled with many miles and PBS.


  1. Leonard Go

    You may be already aware of this, but in my run group it’s widely accepted that the biggest “bang for the buck” to getting faster is speed work. I’m fortunate that the run store I run with has a whole summer “speed work” program (I’m lazy and only do the middle session). We have people ranging from Boston Marathon qualifiers to 13+ m/m folks; all working on their own improvement. While I’m sure you can look up speed workouts online and such, I strongly prefer to run with a group. Good luck!


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