New year. New me. Bullshit

Hello 2019! Anyone else already sick of everyone’s Instagram year in review Instagram stories and 2019 goals, ambitions, promises, resolutions? Yeah. Me too. But here I am talking about what I want to achieve, because why the hell not.

I’m all about taking the New Year to reflect on the year you have completed and the one you have ahead. There’s a reason why work places have half year reviews, end of year reviews, business objectives and personal objectives. They have a goal to achieve and need the people working there to be contributing towards the goals daily. So setting personal goals should take the same principle.

Most of us have long term ambitions that we want to achieve. Maybe not even an ambition just a vision of your life in the future. So to get to that setting small bite-sizeable goals each year can help. But these goals should not be about changing who you are as a person.

New Year, new me should not be a thing, no matter how shitty your 2018.

New Year, new me should not be a thing, no matter how shitty your 2018. Your goals should be about building on who you are not eradicating that person. If you’ve made life choices in 2018 that you don’t want to repeat in 2019 that doesn’t mean you have to change as a person. It’s about identifying why you made those choices, why you don’t want to make them again and setting small steps to ensure you make a different decision in 2019.

If you’ve made life choices in 2018 that you don’t want to repeat in 2019 that doesn’t mean you have to change as a person.

So with that in mind I’ve taken time to reflect on my 2018 and how I want to grow in 2019. And to achieve that growth I’ve set the following promises to myself;

Fitness and health

5K and 10K PB
My running has taken a back step over the past few months so I want to concentrate on getting stronger and faster. So I’ve set myself the aim to achieve a PB in 2019. Strava currently has my PBs at 34:56 and 1:13:44 so I aim to beat these records by May this year then revaluate on what I think I could achieve by the end of the year.

RED January
To kick start my journey back to fitness I’m going to complete RED January. What started first as a running challenge (Run Every Day January) has now evolved into just exercise of some sort every day in January. This  has helped make the goal more achievable and as a result I’ve seen more and more of my community on Twitter and Instagram taking on the challenge.

Take my food tolerances seriously
I have quite a few food tolerances that I currently ignore. Having completed the test with York Test a few years ago I’ve never really taken them seriously, resulting in regular bloat and sickness. So as a part of looking after myself properly I’m going to take them seriously in 2019. So I will be consuming less, milk, beef, pork, duck, lamb, coconut, coffee and honey.

Eat out less
Thanks to Gusto which I have been using regularly for my weekly meal delivery programme for about 18 months now I have definitely increased the number of home cooked meals I enjoy. However I’m still guilty of having a weekend where I’ll eat out at least 3 times. So I want to put a cap on my meals out and takeaways. In January I’m setting it at 6 in total.

Personal development

I enjoy writing, so I’m going to dedicate more time to my blog. I want to include more of my thoughts on the world of running, health and fitness, body positivity, career development and food.

I also enjoy reading, so this year I’ve set the goal of reading 30 books before the year is out. I enjoy thrillers, true crime and personal development so if anyone has an recommendation please let me know!

Discover more podcasts
2018 was the year I discovered podcasts. So far the topics include running and true crime, with My Favourite Murder, Last Podcast on the Left and Ali on the Run being my favourites. I want to dive more into the world of podcasting to keep me entertained while running and commuting.

Work life balance
I enjoyed a healthy work life balance in the first 6 months of 2018. I very rarely logged onto my laptop once I stepped off the train but over the last 6 months I have ended up back in my old habits of working on the train prior to work, working on the train on the way home and then logging back on at home, meaning I had very little me time. So this year I’m reverting back to having a healthy balance.


Buy cruelty free cosmetics and household products
This year I’m adding some ethical promises to myself so I can do my little bit to help the planet. So falling in line with my love of animals I’m promising to buy cruelty free cosmetics and household products. For household products it will be easy as I can just buy Co-op’s range as they are all cruelty free. For cosmetics I’m going to have to do my research a little more.

Eat less meat
I think a lot of people are either attempting a full vegan lifestyle or just trying to do their bit by eating less meat. I tried Veganuary a few years ago and did miss eggs and cheese. But I have lived a vegetarian lifestyle for 7 years while I was a teenager, so I know I can definitely take steps to reduce my consumption of meat. I haven’t made any specific goals on how I’m going to do this just yet, but think I’ll be setting small goals each week or month to keep it interesting.

So there’s my promises. My commitments to not change who I am as a person – because I’m pretty great already – but to instead improve who I am, improve my fitness levels, improve my happiness and improve my footprint on the planet.

What promises are you making to yourself this year?

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