Insert motivation here

Eight weeks to go until my second attempt at the Great North Run and four weeks have managed to pass without lacing up my trainers.

I’m not even sure how this has happened.

I’ve even managed a Did Not Start during this four weeks. Which is the first time ever I’ve managed to not make the start line. Even when I was rehabbing a broken ankle I was managing to make it to start lines and push myself to atleast complete the race.

I think it’s been a case of one busy week meaning I didn’t manage a run, which turned into a lazy week which then turned into fear that I’ve lost all running capability so my head has been firmly in the sand.

I keep thinking about that phrase “it’s take 2 months to build fitness and 2 weeks to lose it.” I’m not even sure if this is correct. I’m hoping not but I’m here when I get running again I will soon know!

So with less than 8 weeks to the Great North Run, today is the day I get back on track.

Obviously my previous training plan has gone out the window so I will be starting a new eight week plan to get me to that start line in (hopefully) good shape.

I have new trainers and new headphones that will hopefully add to the motivation that I desperately need.

Wish me luck!

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