Great North Run plan of action

Wow, it’s been a while. Motivation for both blogging and running have seem to have disappeared after completing the Great Manchester Run 3 weeks ago.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who seems to lose their drive after completing a big race. I surly can’t be the only one who crosses the finish line, rests for a week, then upon beginning to run again struggles to enjoy it. Struggles to find a reason to lace up my trainers and log the miles.

So after a false start last week – I had drafted up a 6 week plan to tackle the Leeds 10k – I’ve realised I need to set my eyes on half marathons to keep me running.

I’ve tackled seven 10k races now, and although I’m still not as quick as I want to be I find that training for a 10k isn’t enough motivation to keep me running consistently 3 – 4 times a week.

So my next half marathon is the Great North Run in 13 weeks time and this is my plan of action.

My method

This training segment is different to others I have completed in that I am keeping the milage lower than usual and upping my cross training. I want to be the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been and I know to do that I need to concentrate on working out my entire body, not just logging miles in my legs.

So I will be following the P90X3 training plan which is 90 days of 30 minute cross training exercises designed to increase fitness and strength.

I will be completing 5 days of these 30 minutes exercises alongside 3 days of running. One day will be low milage, one day will be middle range with speed work incorporated and the third run will be a long steady run.

Alongside my new training schedule I’ll be attending weekly Slimming World meetings to keep me accountable when it comes to weight-loss, as even though my goal is to be the fittest and strongest I’ve ever been I also have a wedding dress to wear in 15 weeks time. This training plan will of course help towards toning up but I need to ensure my diet also is on track.

My goal

My goal for the Great North Run is to run more of it than the other two half marathon races I’ve completed, and to hit sub 3 hours! I had the sub 3 hour goal for the Great Manchester Run but struggled with the heat on the day.

I also have the intermittent goal of a 10k PB at the Leeds 10k in 4 weeks time.

As always I will be using this blog to be accountable, to document my successes and failures over the week, to document my progress, to keep me on track.

I’m excited for the next 13 weeks to see what my body will achieve.

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