#100HealthyDays, Days 29 – 63, Week 5 to 9

Oh god, I am such a runner. I keep giving myself the weekly goal of cross training as part of my 100 healthy days and I just can’t manage it. However, on the plus side, most of my other goals are going well!


For weeks 7 to 9 my binge eating has been at level zero! I’m starting to learn that when I eat rubbish, I feel rubbish. I think my half marathon training is really helping to keep my eating on track as I know to perform well on my runs I need to fuel myself correctly. It has also helped that I’ve resumed our Gousto boxes and we’ve been enjoying home-cooked meals for the past two week – no takeaways and no meals out.


This is one I need to ensure I continue. I have had a few lazy days over the past couple of weeks. I’m quite guilty of just staying on the couch the day after a long run, when really that’s the worst thing I can do.

So for the next two weeks I’ll be giving myself a goal to get more steps in each day.


Unfortunately a few “off” days have meant I’ve not hit four days of exercise. I’ve hit three but for a couple of weekends I missed my long run due to illness. I’m not going to beat myself up about this one as I know the importance of listening to your body.

However I will be committing myself to getting all my runs in over the next few weeks ahead of my half marathon.


Thankfully I am managing to do this one goal. It’s probably the easiest one to complete as it only take 10 minutes a day but it’s actually the one I think is giving me the most benefit. I haven’t had any little niggles during my runs in a long while and I’m saying it’s because I’ve been working on building my strength in my my hips, legs, glutes and abs.


You know from my intro that I didn’t hit my goal of cross training. I’m in that place where if I want to work out I’ll go for a run. Yes I enjoy it but I know getting the miles in will benefit me when it comes to racing.

I did come very very close to a 12:00/mi pace on one of my runs. I hit 12:07/mi which is actually the fastest mile I have run since breaking my ankle so I’m very happy I managed to hit this goal.

My resistance bands are yet to be dug out of the spare room, so I will be doing it this week!

Curbing the drinking has been done as I have been teetotal now for three weeks. No more casual drinking for me. This one has been a tough one to give up but I’m proud of myself and hope it will pay dividends when it comes to my running,

PLAN OF ACTION, DAYS 64 – 72, WEEKs 10 – 11

  • Hit 12:00/mi pace on one of my runs
  • Add resistance bands to daily conditioning
  • Walk 7000 steps a day
  • Continue to eat home-cooked meals and when dining out choose healthy menu options

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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