Couch to 5k for speed training – week 5, 6 & 7

Weeks 5, 6 and 7 of the Couch to 5k app step it up a notch. As I’m using it to run quicker, this means running none stop at a quicker pace which is tough!

I know this is the aim, but it’s still tough. But as many people have told me to run quicker, I have to run quick. So hopefully by keeping it up I’ll see it pay off in the long run. Here’s how it’s gone over the past few weeks –

Week 5

5 minute walk, Run 11:00/mi 5 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 3 mins. Run 11:00/mi 5 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 3 minutes.Run 11:00/mi 5 minutes. 5 minute walk. 

5 minute walk, Run 11:00/mi 8 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 5 mins. Run 11:00/mi 8 minutes. 5 minute walk. 

5 minute walk, Run 11:00/mi 20 minutes. 5 minute walk. 

Now these kind of intervals I can work with. The first run of the week went fine. I seem to be more comfortable now running at my quicker pace for 5 minutes. The 8 minute interval on run 2 was a little tougher but still manageable.

It’s when we get to runs such as run 3 that I begin to struggle. I’m not sure if it’s a psychological or if my body and little ankle isn’t capable of running at this speed for this duration of time yet. Either way I need to work on it.

Week 5

5 minute walk. Run 11:00/mi 5 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 3 mins. Run 11:00/mi 8 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 3 minutes. Run 11:00/mi 5 minutes. 5 minute walk. 

5 minute walk. Run 11:00/mi 10 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 3 mins. Run 11:00/mi 10 minutes. 5 minute walk. 

5 minute walk. Run 11:00/mi 25 minutes. 5 minute walk.

Week 5 was much the same as week 4. I managed the first two runs fine. I can work with these intervals. However as with week 4 I struggled with run 3 which was a constant speed for 25 minutes.

Week 6

5 minute walk. Run 11:00/mi 25 minutes. 5 minute walk. 

As you can probably guess by the runs in week 4 and week 5. Week 6 was tough! I definitely didn’t complete these runs. I mean yes, I ran them, but I didn’t run them at a 11:00/mi pace throughout.

Given that I’m not yet physically able to run at this pace continuously rather than progress onto week 7 of the training, which is a 28 minute run, I’m going back to week 5 to give it another shot until I can complete all three runs in the week at the speed I want to.

Consistency will pay off I know that.  It may be down to the fact I’ve had a couple of “off” weeks – i.e. not feeling myself, not feeling 100% that have contributed to my struggles. It may not be. But I’ll see when I give week 5 another shot this upcoming week.

I will run quicker this year.

I did hit my fastest mile over these past few weeks since breaking my ankle – a 12:07/mi pace. So my next goal is to get that fastest mile to 11 mins something and to hit that regularly in my runs.

I will run quicker and I will run consistently so I hit my goals.



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