Great Manchester Run, week two training

Week two of my Great Manchester Run training. Done! Thankfully week two has gone a million miles better than week one. You can read how bad week one went here. 

The plan I’m following can be seen here –

Half Marathong 9 week training plan - great manchester run

And how I felt completing these miles, can bee seen here –

2 – 4 miles RP

I had a lovely sunny day off and tied my running in with my errands. I grabbed my running backpack and headed to B&Q to pick up some paint. My run to B&Q went great, it was mostly down hill, I felt strong and enjoyed the movement of my little legs below me. The run on the way home, back up hill with a tin of paint strapped to my back, was a little more difficult. But overall it was a good run.

I completed 4.00 miles with a 13:22/mi pace.

3 – 5 miles intervals

This run wasn’t what my plan asked for. I instead ended up only completing 2 miles with my little dog. We both didn’t enjoy it. My whole body seems to be out of sync and the dog kept trying to trip me up so he obviously wan’t enjoying it either.

We completed 2 miles with a 13:44/mi pace.

10 – 12 miles LR

My longest run so far this year! I aimed for 10 miles but managed to complete 11 (just). The beginning of the run went very well, so well in fact that I ran my quickest mile so far this year at a sub 13:00/mi pace. It wasn’t until around mile 6 that my legs started to tire when I came across a 2 mile ascent. I was deep in struggle town when I ran past a little old lady who shouted after me “you’re very brave this morning”. This gave me a little kick up the backside to run a little stronger up until 9 miles. For mile 9 to 10 I struggled a lot, my legs were very tired. I managed to shuffle the last mile home to hit 11 miles. I had fuelled throughout this run but I think my downfall was the strength of my legs to get me up the hills without tiring them, so this is something I need to work on.

I completed 11 miles with a 14:16/mi pace.

6 miles easy

After a few too many Easter Sunday wines, I didn’t wake up in time ahead of work to fit in 6 miles but I still strapped on my trainers and headed out and completed 3 miles in the rain with the previous nights’ drinks rumbling around in my stomach. The alcohol obviously affecting my efforts as you can see by my slow pace.

I completed 3 miles with a 14:34/mi pace.

For week three I’ll be working on cross training to make my little legs stronger so they don’t turn into led after 7 miles.

Are you training for any races at the moment? How is training going?

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