Couch to 5k for speed training – week 4

I can’t believe I’m one month into this now. Although I had originally started this plan to increase my running pace, it’s been a nice way to ensure I get 3 runs in a week.

Read how week three of couch to 5k for speed training went.

Here’s how week four has gone;

5 minute walk, Run 11:00/mi 3 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 90 seconds. Run 11:00/mi 5 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 2.5 minutes, repeat twice. 3 minute walk. 


Distance 3 miles

Average pace 13.22

Best pace 10:23

Time 41:25

A bit of a different run today. I decided to complete my miles while doing my errands. So I left the car at home, strapped on my backpack and headed to B&Q to pick up some paint for my bathroom. The run to B&Q went really well, I felt strong and I managed the splits ok. The run back was a lot more difficult thanks to the tin of paint in my backpack and the uphills.


Distance 1.8 miles

Average speed 13:44

Best pace 10:43

Time 27:17

I hated this run. Just a short run to stretch my legs ahead of my long run the day after but nothing was working in sync. My legs were heavy, my breathing wasn’t great and even my arms felt out of sync. I really struggled with the last 5 minute run and slowed right down after 2.5 minutes.


Distance 11 miles

Average speed 14:16

Best pace 10:34

Time 2:37:16

My longest run this year! I had planned in 10 but I managed 11 miles (just). I used the Couch to 5k app for the first half an hour of this run and by doing so I hit my goal of completing a sub 13:00/mi mile! When it popped up on my watch I jumped for joy. It’s great to see that this training is helping me to run faster and it’s not just all in my head! I now just need to hit a sub 13:00/mi mile pace more often so I’m comfortably back in the 12 minute area.


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