Great Manchester Run, week one training

I have an awful habit of completing one amazing, fist pump the air, do a little dance, fantastic run and then randomly signing up for a race.

I always knew I wanted to complete two half marathons this year but I hadn’t anticipated completing one in the first 6 months, but here we are, one week into training for the Great Manchester Run.

A reminder of the plan I am following;

And here’s how week one has gone;

3 – 5 miles easy

I was up at 5:00am in the morning pumped to get this run in as my first day of training, and four miles later I was still feeling pumped.

I completed 4.00miles with a 13:53/mi pace, which is a good run for me, maybe not an “easy run” but I felt good during so my body wasn’t being pushed too hard.

XT or 3 – 5 miles easy

I managed to drag my partner along with me for 2 easy miles. I had hoped for 3 but where we ran too wasn’t as far as I thought it was – whoops! This was a very enjoyable run, we even had a race finish on the way home – unfortunately I lost.

We completed 2.2 miles with a 13:39/mi pace.

1 – 3 miles tempo

For a tempo run, this run was horrendous! I hated every step and felt like my legs were made of led. As a result my head wasn’t in the game and my pace suffered. Next week I need to fight those voices in my head and push through it.

I completed 1.6 miles with a 14:23/mi pace.

5 miles easy

No 5 miles completed due to not feeling 100%.

5 – 8 miles LR

Again no long run thanks to illness.

So for week one, my training hasn’t gone amazingly. I’m happy that my pace is slowly improving and a faster pace is my overall goal for this race. However I know I need to get my runs in to ensure I’m the fittest I can be for race day.

For week 2 I’m determined to get those longer runs in as that’s where I need to work on having not ran a long distance for some time.

Are you training for any races at the moment? How is training going?


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