Couch to 5k for speed training – week 3

Week three of couch to 5k for speed training done!

This week the intervals upped to something a little more challenging when running at a fast pace.


In week three I completed all three runs and clocked up 7.9 miles.

Here’s how week three has gone;

5 minute walk, Run 11:00/mi 90 seconds. Run 14:00/mi 90 seconds. Run 11:00/mi 3 minutes. Run 14:00/mi 3 minutes. 3 minute walk. 


Distance 4 miles

Average pace 13.53

Best pace 10:29

Time 56:00

Today was the first day of half marathon training so I was pumped to get out of bed at 5am to get my miles in before work. I was happy with my performance during the run and only struggled for the last few minutes to keep up the reps. The 3 minute interval was perfect for me, not too short and not too long.


Distance 2.2 miles

Average speed 13:39

Best pace 9:35

Time 28:00

I didn’t manage the same level of enthusiasm to get out of bed at 5am, so I did sleep in. Which meant I had to get the miles in after work. So for a change I managed to drag Matt along with me and we ran to his parents and back with the dog, both doing the intervals. Running with Matt seems to bring out my competitive side as I managed to hit a best pace of 9:35! Again I enjoyed todays intervals and think this is my favourite workout patterns so far on the Couch to 5K programme.


Distance 1.6 miles

Average speed 14:22

Best pace 10:18

Time 23:00

My Garmin died mid run, so my stats aren’t 100% on this run, but either way it definitely wasn’t my best. Every step felt like my legs were made of led and I spent the 20 minutes questioning why I even bother running – not a good mental thought to be having. Despite the heavy legs and negative thoughts I still managed to complete the intervals but at a slower pace than what I have been running.

Overall in week three I enjoyed the interval splits more than other weeks as it was a little more of a challenge. My pace is still in the 13:00/mi area but I’d love to see this being reduce to the 12:00/mi area for at least one of my runs next week. Wish me luck!

How is your speed training currently going?

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