Couch to 5k for speed training – week 2

Week two of my couch to 5k for speed training was similar to week one in that the intervals are currently fairly easy.

Read how week one of couch to 5k for speed training went.

In week two I completed three runs as per the training and clocked up 10.3 miles.

Here’s how week two has gone;

5 minute walk, Run 11:00/mi 90 seconds. Run 14:00/mi 2 minutes. Repeat 5 times. 5 minute walk. 

Run 1

Distance 2.1 miles

Average pace 14:17

Best pace 10:29

Time 29:53

My second early morning run with the dog who despite his best intention does make pushing myself a little hard. My time for this route is slowly coming down but I stopped and started more than I wanted to thanks to the dog.

Run 2

Distance 2.1 miles

Average speed 14:05

Best pace 9:31

Time 29:44

Another early morning run and this time without the dog who was not up for leaving the house at 6am in the wind and rain. Thanks to the dog not coming I actually hit an amazing best pace! I think that’s the quickest I’ve ever ran and I still felt good with my intervals. I felt really proud after this run.

Run 3

Distance 6.1 miles

Average speed 13:59

Best pace 9:39

Time 1:26:20

My first 10k this year! And thankfully my ankle behaved and the dog settled down after the first two miles. I really enjoyed this run and actually upped my intervals after the first 30 minutes to the interval pattern in week three as I knew I could run for longer and I’m pleased I did. As a result my best pace was again way quicker than I would ever expect from my little legs and for miles 4 and 5 I hit 13:00/mi easily which for this distance I’m really happy with. If I can do 13/mi easily for my next half marathon I will be a happy bunny.

Overall in week two I felt strong. I enjoyed all three of my runs and I’ feeling optimistic that I will be able to increase my pace for my next half marathon. I’ve been that happy that I actually ended up signing up to the Great Manchester Run!

Which run have you most enjoyed recently?

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