Couch to 5k for speed training – Week 1

I‘m going back to basics. Following my broken ankle I’ve struggled to get my pace back up to the 11:00-12:00 minute miles I was running previously. I think this is partly confidence and partly being out of practice.

This year my target is to PB in my 10k time and half marathon time so speed is everything. In an attempt to increase my speed I’m going to back to basics.

I’ve downloaded the Couch to 5k app and I’m using this for my speed training.

As the couch to 5k app is aimed at beginners I have adapted how I’m using it. Instead of running a slow and steady pace when it tells me to run, I run my goal pace of 11:00. When it says to speed walk I slow down my run (if needs be I’ll speed walk).

So here’s how week one has gone;

5 minute walk, Run 11:00/mi 60 seconds. Run 14:00/mi 90 seconds. Repeat 7 times. 5 minute walk. 

Run 1

Distance 2.1 miles

Average pace 14:20

Best pace 10:20

Time 30:13

Run one went well. Running for only 60 seconds even at aim pace felt really easy.

Run 2

Distance 4 miles

Average speed 13:47

Best pace 9:57

Time 55:22

Run two felt amazing! I used the Couch to 5k app for the first 30 minutes then used my Garmin to time the other intervals afterwards. It’s actually the first run that I’ve felt 100% confident in since my broken ankle and I think that’s shown in by best pace. I always have a little voice in the back of my head second thinking every step I take in case I slip and break my ankle again, but for once I managed to silent that voice and just enjoy the sensation of running.

Run 3

Distance 2 miles

Average speed 14:17

Best pace 10:29

Time 29:53

Run three was a little more difficult but this was the first I’ve done in the morning. Turns out pushing myself at 6 am in the morning on an empty stomach is a little more difficult than in the evening. I did however enjoy the buzz it gave me knowing I’d pushed myself early in the morning and achieved something pre 7am.

Overall week one was a breeze. But I did expect that as it’s an entry level week even when pushing myself to run quicker than usual. We’ll see how week two goes!

How are you pushing yourself at the moment? Do you enjoy interval training?



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