Lidl running and fitness range review, can you run in it?

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the market for new running kit, which can be an expensive habit to have. So when Lidl announced they were releasing a running and fitness range with prices as low as £2.99, I thought ‘why the hell not’ and decided to give it a try.

The whole collection consists of 17 pieces for male and female. Most are clothing but there are some accessories and tech and even trainers!

I decided to treat myself to a new outfit and bought;

Crivit Ladies’ Long Sleeve Sports Top, £5.99

This has TOPCOOL® performance fibre for optimal moisture control, LYCRA® for a perfect fit and reflective details.Crivit Ladies’ Lightweight Running Jacket, £9.99

This is ultra lightweight, windproof, and has water-repelling technology and reflective details.

Crivit Ladies’ Sports Leggings, £5.99

This has TOPCOOL® performance fibre for optimal moisture control, LYCRA® for a perfect fit, reflective details and a small key pocket

Crivit Sports Bra, £5.99

This offers high-level support for high-impact sports and has breathable mesh insert

Crivit Running Socks, £2.99

These have a high-performance moisture-wicking material and natural evolution footbed for anatomically formed extra cushioning.

I donned by new get-up and headed out for a short run in -1C.

My initial thoughts are that for £30.95 for a whole running outfit (excluding trainers) I am impressed.

My favourite item is the leggings. They have the right amount of stretch so I can move easily but they don’t fall down when running. They have a high waistband so they are comfortable and flattering around my middle and for £5.99 they are amazingly not see-through! I will definitely be buying a second or third pair for this price and will happily use them for short runs and gym sessions.

The mint jacket is very cute! I love the colour. However it is very, very lightweight, so it’s much more suitable for spring weather and not the sub-zero temperatures of today. However when the weather heats up I would be happy to use this for short runs and run commuting or for throwing on for errands. It even has zip up pockets.

The socks are comfy, do have some cushioning, but I need to give them a go on a longer run to really pass judgement as to weather there is enough cushioning and moisture wicking technology to help ensure no blisters.

The long sleeve top is comfy however as the material is very thin, it didn’t keep me warm – the wind went straight through me – and it’s see through so no colourful bras allowed. The high neck is cute but I think I would find it irritating on a longer run.

The sports bra was the let down of the collection. However I find, like trainers, unless you spend money on a sport bra they don’t work. Especially when you have boobs above a C cup. It’s much more of a crop top and would work for lower intensity workouts but it’s not suitable for running.

Overall I would recommend buying the leggings, socks and jacket. There are various colours available in each and it’s a low cost way to refresh your gym kit without sacrificing too much on function.

Will you give the Lidl running range a try? Are there other low cost kits that you would recommend?




  1. Jenny (@fatbuster)

    Oooh! My mum just told me about this and I was thinking about giving it a go! So glad I read this bee star I’m always sceptical about cheap leggings and sports bras. Sounds like I’ll give the bra a miss but give the leggings and jacket a go! What is the sizing like? Xx


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