February in miles

Well so far this year my running hasn’t gone to plan. February was supposed to be a month where I really got back into my mojo however my silly little ankle didn’t get that memo and wouldn’t play ball.

So in total February’s miles were 22.2.

That’s about 40 miles less that I aim to do each month.

I’ve set myself the goal of 750 miles this year, which works out on average at 62 a month.

So I need to really get back on it to have a chance of hitting this target.

I need to get my ankle back into shape to ensure it doesn’t hinder me anymore. I’ve upped my rehab and daily strength and mobility exercises for that and my hips as they have been giving me some grief also. So once this snow disappears next week I’ll be giving my ankle another go to see how it goes.

In March to get back on track I need to run 72 miles!

Which is about 18 miles a week.

Or 3 runs of 6 miles.

Or 4 runs of 4.5.

For me that’s a lot. So my plan is to run commute as much as possible throughout the month, which is as an additional 1.5 miles a day. By run commuting I’d knock 24 miles off that total giving me a much more achievable 12 miles a week.

So March will be a month of run commuting. Daily strength and mobility exercises and dusting off my exercise bike and cross training when I get a chance.

What running goals have you set yourself for March?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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