#100HealthyDays Challenge

A quick search of #100HealthyDays on Instagram brings up over 60,000 results. What I believe was first started by Sophie from 100 Healthy Days back in 2014 has turned into quite a movement. And for good reason!

#100HealthyDays is basically a personal challenge in which you set your own rules on how you are going to live a healthier life over the next 100 days. I think the notion that you choose your own goals is what appeals to me. Health means something different for everyone, as we all have our own lives to live and own demons and vices to battle.

So I’m committing to the #100HealthyDays challenge to help keep me on track and improve my eating and fitness habits in the run up to my wedding later in the year.

For the next 100 days I’m committing to –

  • No binge eating.

  • For me this is a big one, I have have a terrible habit of following a healthy eating plan for a period of time then when I want a treat, I won’t just have a bag of crisps. I’ll have a bag of crisps, pizza, chocolate and anything else I can get my hands on. After a binge I feel guilty and will then deprive myself of the things I want, then end up binging again later. It’s one big vicious cycle. So for 100 days I will not deprive myself of anything, but I will enjoy it in moderation and not binge.
  • Daily activity.

  • I hit this 5 – 6 days a week, but like many I’m guilty at times of not heading out of the house and not moving much further than my sofa. So for 100 days I will be moving each day be it a full blown intense workout, a short run, or a stroll in the park with the dog.
  • Four workouts a week.

  • Not much, but if I can achieve four workouts a week for the 14 weeks, thats 56 days in total. I’m aiming for consistency not intensity.
  • Daily strength and conditioning.

  • With some areas of my legs being weaker than others, this is affecting my running performance so I want to ensure I’m concentrating on building this strength little and often. These daily exercises will include; side leg raises, side lying clam, squats, donkey kicks, push ups, planks.
  • Goal setting.

  • Each week I will set goals for the week ahead and spending time working towards them. With such a busy year – work, wedding planning, house renovations – I believe that setting small regular goals and writing them down will help ensure tasks are ticked off and I won’t feel overwhelmed.

I’m hoping setting small goals to achieve over the next 100 days will help me develop healthier long term habits. And as with most aspects of my life, I will be blogging my progress to keep me accountable.

Have you ever committed to the #100HealthyDays challenge? How did it go?

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