One step forward, two steps back

So today this week I should have been blogging about my Lincoln 10k plan of attack week one progress. Instead I have had to pull out of the Lincoln 10k and I’m sulking.

Week one was going well, I did all my workouts, cross training included – which rarely happens – and felt good, until my long run. I had 6 miles planned in, and was raring to go, feeling strong, and determined to hit a good pace. I headed out and felt good until 1.5 miles in and a shooting pain from my ankle began.

I’m not unused to occasional pains in my ankle following breaking it last year, and sometimes I can just run through it, so continued to run but slowed down a little. However for the first time I was unable to run through the pain and it just got stronger until my run became a walk, and my walk became a severe limp.

Considering I’ve not experienced pain like this since I first started running post break last year, I know I’m going to have to postpone an intense running plan which includes a race in two weeks time. Instead I am booking myself into a sports physio to ensure there isn’t any serious damage and help solve my issues.

I’m already aware that my leg strength isn’t well rounded and I have weak gluteus medius, which is suppose to support my pelvis. So I am ensuring I’m doing daily exercises on this weak area to help build up strength and mobility.

If anyone has any tips on exercise to help my gluteus medius please let me know in the comments. Or if you have any experiences with sports physio I would love to hear them below.

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