Lincoln 10k plan of attack

With a wedding this year a lot of my usual favourite races are out of the question, due to hen parties, stag parties, menu tastings and so on. So I wanted to sign up to a race a little earlier in the year than I usually do.

I love the Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All events, and take part in their York 10k and Leeds 10k each year, so was excited to see that their Lincoln 10k was smack down in a month when I don’t yet have any plans! So on the 18th March I will be heading to Lincoln for the first time for my first race of the year.

As I said in my 2018 Running Goals post, January has been a write off for me, So I have 4 weeks exactly to up my fitness levels to pre-christmas break so I finish my first race this year in a time I’m happy with. With the short time span I need something intense, so will be mixing a running training plan alongside strength and HIIT workouts.

My running plan will consist of the last 4 weeks of the below Jane Tomlinson plan


On top of this I will be using Beach Body’s 80 Day Obsession as my strength training. This training plan consists of 30-60 minute strength workouts 6 days a week. Each day targeting a different muscle group and each week increased intensity to suit your capabilities.

For previous races I’ve never used a strength plan alongside a running training plan and know I’m doing myself injustice. So I’m excited to see how building my strength will help my running form and stamina on the day of the race.

As usual I will be blogging my weekly progress, so keep tuned for my highs and lows.

Are you currently training for a race? Which training plans are you using?


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