A new challenge

The Great North Run has been my running end goal since January. So now I’ve managed to complete the goal I thought it best to continue with the momentum I have and find a new challenge.

With no big race planned next year (yet), I was a little stuck on what to do, but then I remembered I’m running the Leeds Abbey Dash in November. I’ve ran many 10k races and this will be my second time running the Abbey Dash, so I decided my challenge would be to beat my 10k PB. Now this probably doesn’t sound like much of a challenge to many, but as a proud slow runner, a runner who’s used to being at the back of a crowd I’m actually rather nervous to be challenging myself to run faster.

In one mind I’m already thinking that I’m going to fail as I’ve always ran slowly. But on the other hand I’m excited about pushing myself and doing something I’ve never done before.

Being a newbie to speed work I asked the #UkRunChat community for their top tips and they have helped me alot when it comes to choosing a plan.

After all the wonderful help from the online running community I spent last night searching for training plans and found one from Women’s Running which pulls together many of the tips and tricks shared with me.

You can see the plan I’ll be following below.

It includes hill sprints, speed work and easy runs. As my event is 7 weeks away I started today on week 6 with an easy run. I ran for 30 minutes in one direction and aimed to get home within 30 minutes, which I did with 4 minutes to spare.

So for the next 7 weeks I have a fairly intense training plan to get my 10k PB, which currently stands at 1:22:00. In 7 weeks time I’m aiming to hit somewhere around 1:15:00.

What running or fitness goal do you currently have? What steps are you taking to ensure you reach it?

I always love to hear what you think, so why not leave a comment?

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