Great North Run Training: Weeks 7 & 8

Weeks 7 and 8 of my training have been the easiest ones yet, thanks to the joys of tapering.

Week 7

Weeks 7 involved a 3 mile run and a 5 mile run.

For my 3 mile run I set off out with the dog and Matt for an easy jog. Thinking 3 miles would be no problem was a mistake. As soon as I started to move I felt like my legs were made of led. I hated every step and kept saying to Matt that I hate running and why do I do this to myself. Matt told me to get a grip and I love it really.

Thankfully my 5 mile run was a lot better. I felt apprehensive about it thanks to the awful 3 miles. But I set off feeling strong and I finished feeling stronger. My legs felt great, my breathing was spot on and I was reminded that I do enjoy running. My 5 mile run was the perfect lead up run to the race.

Week 8

The final week of training and a week of just keeping my legs moving but not tiring them out. I’ve only done a 2 mile run this week. Which wasn’t the greatest time thanks to being caught in a huge downpour with my dog who hates the rain, but at least I got the miles in. I’ve basically spent the last few days walking as much as I can, stretching and foam rolling to keep my muscles limber for the race tomorrow!

This last week I’ve felt a combination of excited and nervous all at the same time. Today I keep flipping between the two emotions hourly!

Tomorrow has been my goal since January when I was stuck on the couch with a broken ankle due to a slip when out running on Christmas Day. I remember the day when I found out I’d got a place in the Great North Run, I thought it was a cruel twist of fate having broken my ankle just weeks before. I spent months flipping between being determined to go for it and deferring to next year.

But after all the self doubt and others telling me I wouldn’t be able to do it I thought it was the perfect challenge to recover from my break, complete my rehab and get back to running again. So even though it will be a slow time I will be proud to just get across that finish line be it running, walking or crawling.

I hope everyone else who is taking part in the race tomorrow has a great day. It’s been months of training and running the world’s greatest half marathon is our reward.


  1. Jacqueline Marie

    I recently said out loud for the first time that I have been secretly thinking about a goal of running a 5K someday. I have a few previous injuries that are weighing on my mind each time I think about it, but this post was just what I needed to add to my pushing myself to just get up and start running! Thanks for sharing and being honest about not loving every minute of it! Best of luck in your race!


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