Running made me cry

So it finally happened. Running made me cry. Physical tears. Tears which I couldn’t stop.

After 11 miles, 10 of which were fine, I finally broke down. As I hit mile 10 I felt completely drained. Like drained to the point where I didn’t think I could hold myself up never mind run anymore. That last mile was the toughest mile I think I have ever ran and when I turned the corner to see my partner waiting at my front door with recovery drink and protein bar in hand, and I crossed the invisible finish line at my door, I burst into tears.

Exhaustion, frustration, pride, relief. I’m not 100% sure what the tears were for. Perhaps a combination of all those feelings and the realisation that the biggest race of my life so far was only 3 weeks away. The one thing I have been aiming for for the entire year.

During all those months of not being able to walk never mind run, this race was my end goal.

After calming myself down and letting the tears subside I felt proud that I’d completed my furthest run yet, but scared that come mile 10 my body seems to shut down. I definitely feel like it’s a physical thing but my partner has questioned whether this was just that wall that all these runners talk about. Either way I need to kick through this as the Great North Run is 13.1 miles not 10!

After talking to a few people on Twitter I’ve came up with a game plan to tackle 13 miles this weekend – the last long run before the big race! I had been refuelling each hour with a gel but I’m going to refuel also when I hit mile 10 to give me that last kick of energy I seem to desperately need!

I’m still feeling good about my training as I’ve been getting the miles in, even when I don’t want to, even when a run is the last thing I want to do. So now that running has resorted me to crying, am I a “real runner” now?


  1. thatsquatbot

    I’m sorry to hear about this – are you refuelling during your run? After 45-60 minutes of exercising your body has used up all the glycogen available to you, so it’s at that point (or before!) you need to refuel during your run.


    1. Cat Storey

      Thanks for your comment. Yes I had been refuelling every hour but I’m going to add an additional refuel in when I hit 10 miles. Thanks for the tip on 45-60mins. I may even need to refuel at 45 mins not 60.


  2. MartiniWithinReach

    I cry when I watch OTHER PEOPLE RUN! haha my sister was a nationally ranked runner, sprinter actually in college and it was so beautiful to watch. I think a majority of people who run a half or full marathon cry, at least once. Its such an accomplishment to be proud of! And you know what? Crying is very healing, so let those tears stream if they need too!

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  3. Jen

    You’re definitely a real runner! Tears or no tears! Good for you, what an accomplishment just to train for a race. Most people never even do that. Good luck on race day! I know you can do it!

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  4. In and Out of Vegas

    That is really inspiring. I think those tears are pride and if they’re not, you should be so proud of yourself. Most of us are sitting on the couch eating Cheetos 🙂

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  5. kleebanks

    Oh goodness, I can’t even imagine running 1/10th of a mile, never mind 10 miles!! I just couldn’t do it, so kudos to you on accomplishing this milestone, tears and all! I use my stepper at home, and am up to 15 minutes at a time. That’s MY limit – for now!

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  6. Jojo Hua

    That is crazy. I am really unfit to be honest and even running for a bus or train makes me out of breath! I hope I can get myself more fit to be able to do a proper run sometime though. But you shouldn’t push yourself too hard, push yourself to the limit but not to the point that you injure or hurt yourself. Look after yourself xx

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