Great North Run training : Weeks 3 & 4

Well weeks three and four could not have been more different to each other.

Week three of my training I was struck down with a sickness bug and spent the week with blocked sinuses and fatigue. As a result I decided to skip training and concentrated on resting to try and overcome my illness ready for the York 10k on the Sunday.

You may have read in my York 10k Race Review that on the Friday night I was so ill I thought there was no way in hell I’d be able to run on Sunday. However after a 12 hour sleep on Friday night I started to come back round.

As a result of my illness and race it meant I didn’t do the miles or my cross training on week three.

However week four I completely smashed my miles. I was on holiday in Spain for the week but I packed my trainers and workout clothes and made sure I did every mile on my plan even in 30C heat and humidity!

I admit, I again missed my cross training, well I replaced strength training with swimming so I suppose I did something, but I’m just proud that even filled with bread, paella and beer I managed to get the miles in.

I did two 4 miles runs around our urbanisation early in the morning to try and avoid the heat but it was still 26C. As a result my pace was slow and I actually hated every step in each run.

When it came to my long run, 10 miles, I was very nervous. I’d planned my route to run into Torrevieja and along a proportion of the 8 mile promenade they have along the seafront. However 10 miles is the longest I have ever ran, my recent runs weren’t enjoyable and at 7:00am it was already 23C. I set off apprehensively with a slow pace and did the first couple of miles at 5 minute running and 5 minute walking. Once I hit 5k I upped myself back to my usual 10minutes of running and 5 minutes of walking and after the first 5k I began to feel more positive. In fact I can’t really remember having to fight with my brain on this run, I was able to let my thoughts run, not overthink things and just run. I was pleasantly surprised when I reached the promenade to find hundreds of people also enjoying a morning run.

It wasn’t until about 8.5miles that my body started to tire, my ankle began to ache and I started to loose my momentum. However I persevered and finished 10miles in 2:23:06 which I was very happy with.

This next couple of weeks I’m fine tuning my nutrition, scaling my drinking right back and will get my cross training in.

How’s your race training going?

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