Finding my pace

I‘ve never been a fast runner. In fact I’m the slowest runner I know. I’ve never hit a 30 minute 5k or a 10 minute mile and I’m a long way off. However I still love running and I still class myself as a runner.

I’ve always been a walk/runner. I could clock up to 7 miles in one go but I’d always run a little then walk a little. I’ve tried many training plans and the longest I could run without reverting to walking was about 10-15 minutes.

However since learning how to walk again this year I seem to have found my pace. Learning how to walk post ankle break and then learning how to run again has meant I’ve had no other option than to take it slow and steady.

When I first started back running, the pain in my ankle meant I could run for 30seconds to 1 minute and would then have to stop and walk. I would do this for many weeks until the strength returned to my leg and the pain resided.

I have since had runs when I have had no pain in my ankle at all, which is amazing considering 6 months ago I couldn’t walk. However my pace is still not what it was pre-break – yet I’m incredibly happy. I’m happy because I’ve found my happy pace. A pace I’m comfortable at. A pace where I’m enjoying running. A pace where I can get in the zone. A pace where I feel like I can run forever. I’ve found my pace.

When I started running over 10 years ago I always ran with someone else who was quicker than me so I’ve never questioned whether this was too quick for me personally, I just tried to keep up. It appears as though reverting right back learning how to walk and run again has done me a favour.

My current pace is somewhere about a 13:30. This comfortable pace has meant I’ve managed to run 25 minutes without stopping. This 25 minutes without stopping is better endurance than before I broke my ankle, so it’s a huge achievement.

So my next steps are to increase the minutes I can run at this pace without a pause. My next goal is to run a 5k at this pace without reverting to a walk.

What did it take to discover your happy pace?

One Comment

  1. Pamela Gauci

    Thank you for posting your recovery. I am older than you, just turned 50. But I am (was) extremely active and always in motion. I broke a bone in my foot 10 days ago and am deep into a severe depression. Your posts have helped…been in bed crying all morning and your post calmed me down. Thanks. I hope you are doing well!


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