What to expect at your first Slimming World meeting

So I made a snap decision to  join Slimming World a few weeks ago. I say snap decision, I had thought about it for some time after seeing the signs in my village and people’s success stories on Instagram. However the week I finally walked through the doors was three weeks ago.

As with any new experience or group I was nervous. However my nerves soon disappeared when I was welcomed with smiling faces. Our Slimming World Leader, Sam, asked if I was new and if so to take a seat over to one side of the room and he’ll join me in a second. I was handed a cup of tea and a pack to start looking through.

The welcome talk

Once our meeting started our leader made his way over to me and began the new members talk, where he spends around half an hour talking through how Slimming World works in as much details as he can. This is the time to ask as many silly questions as you can and to get to know your leader a little. There is a lot of information to take in during the half an hour but as soon as you join you’re given a Slimming World pack which is packed full of resources and information. My leader told me the best tip he can give me is to read every book in the pack from cover to cover so I really get to learn how Slimming World works.

You’re also handed a form to fill in with all your details so they can fully sign you up as a member.

Image Therapy

After the welcome talk my leader buddied me up with another girl in the meeting and introduced us so I had someone to talk to.

Image Therapy is the longest part of the meeting and I believe what happens in the hour varies at each meeting. At my meeting our leader talks through everyone’s weight loss or gain that week . Your weight is not mentioned at all, he just says either “Well done, you’ve lost 2lbs this week” or “You gained 1lb this week, what happened?” This then gives everyone the chance to check in with our leader and explain where you’re struggling or what you’re enjoying. The other members in the class also help with tips and tricks and support. In our group we have a competition and a raffle each week and certificates are handed out to those who have hit a mile stone or are Slimmer of the Week.


Once the Image Therapy is over as a new member I weighed myself at the end of the meeting once everyone had left. This also gave me the chance to talk to my leader about what my goal weight is. Unlike other weight loss groups you pick your goal weight. No one tells you what you should weight, it’s completely up to you. And if at any time you feel like you’re not happy with your goal weight you can change it after speaking to your leader about it.

I left my first meeting feeling well informed and determined to give the first week everything I had.

A normal meeting

After attending a couple of meetings, I’ve learnt the experience is a little different once you’re a regular member. The first half and hour is for everyone to pay their weekly fee and to weigh in and record their weight. After that half an hour we go into Image Therapy which you can stay for or you can just weight yourself and go home. However it’s advised to stay for the full meeting to get as much support as you can.

If you’re a member of Slimming World, I’d love to hear about your first experience.

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