Diary of a broken ankle: Week 14

It’s been 5 weeks since my last update and 5 weeks of highs and lows.Most days I feel like my normal self. I wake most mornings without any pain in my ankle and can get out of bed without having to warm up my ankle before putting any weight on it. It’s still stiff, but there’s not much pain.

However other days my ankle aches and throbs and swells. I just want to chop it off and grow a new one that doesn’t play up. I’ve had days where I’ve been unable to venture further than my house due to the pain when walking on it and resort back to elevating it on the couch.

Day to day decent downstairs is still difficult. I don’t have the flexibility to walk down the steps one at a time so have to still put both feet onto each step. At home this doesn’t bother me, in the train station or at work I look a little odd.

I’ve finally been able to get on and off the train without any walking aids. So my wheelchair, crutches and boot have all been retired.

Some days my ankle feels well enough to wear a pair of pretty flat pumps or boots, but 70% of the time I’m still in trainers as my ankle still wants that cushioning.

For the first time this year I’ve began to hit my 10,000 steps a day. The day after my ankle is a little angry but I’ve done a couple of days in a row of 10,000 steps. My next goal is to start running again!

I gave it a little go on one of my walks and didn’t find it any more painful than walking but I still have a major limp so was only able to jog slowly between one lamppost and another.

For the next month I’m aiming to build up the strength in my calf and ankle again as the majority of the pain I experience is my ligaments as my muscle isn’t supporting me as well as it should be. Come May I hope to have rebuilt my calf muscle completely so I can start running again and training for races later in the year!

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