Diary of a broken ankle: Week 8

This week was spent pushing myself to be able to walk comfortably with one crutch and boot. My goal was always to return for my 8 week checkup on one crutch and I was determined to hit it.

Each day I found myself being able to walk a little more comfortably however I still struggled on one crutch outside and would revert back to two crutches. Visits to the shop on two crutches were becoming a lot easier and I was able to move a lot quicker each day. I’ll still never tire of childrens fascination with my boot. They always love to stare at it as if it’s something out of the terminator.

My courage to try walking outside on just one crutch didn’t arrive until the Friday morning. Matt drove me to hospital with two crutches but upon leaving the car I asked him to carry one crutch while I walked with just one. Although a little slow I was just happy to be reaching my goal.

I had my X-rays to see the bone growth progress and met my consultant. The doctor asked how I had faired in my boot as usually he would have left me in a cast longer and had me weight bearing without the boot. However due to my trip to Paris he brought me out of the boot early. I told him how I was down to one crutch in the house and had been doing range of motion exercises to help my ankle.

He assessed my ankle. He probed at it and moved it around and was very happy with my lack of swelling and range of motion.

Then he told me to walk. I swear he saw the panic in my eyes. I grabbed my one crutch and told him I can’t do it without support, so he allowed me to hobble along on my bare foot and one crutch. He said it looked painful but he thought my biggest issue was confidence.

He instructed me to walk without the boot at home and use a boot and one crutch when out and about as he was concerned my commute into Manchester would be busy and I would be at risk of being knocked or slip.

I expected him to tell me I’ll be back in a couple of weeks for a check up so was shocked when it said I now longer had to come back. The bone growth is just about there, I just need to continue learning how to walk properly. I walked out with the biggest smile on my face.

Upon returning home I walked into the house and was opening and closing doors when I accidentally walked steps without my crutch. Matt noticed and told me to put my crutch down and walk towards him. I walked about 8 steps towards him and burst into tears. For the first time in 2 months I took my first unassisted steps. At times during my recovery I thought this day would be a million miles away.

We celebrated by walking the 5 minute walk to our local pub. It took me 15 minutes but it was lovely to be able to leave the house and walk that far fairly comfortably.

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