Diary of a broken ankle : Week 7 

Since returning from Paris I have discovered a new sense of determination. I returned home on Sunday and was so proud that thanks to my friend help I had managed to travel to a foreign country and explore while nursing a broken ankle.

img_1378As I’m back to working from home I have settled into a routine which I think is helping my recovery.

I awake every morning and get onto my exercise bike. Depending on my pain I aim to cycle slowly at varying levels of resistance for anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes. I then start work for the day but follow my FitBits commands to take a short walk every hour. And when I say short walk I mean like 100 steps around my living room and kitchen. Each day I appear to be able to put more weight on my broken ankle so it’s making walking easier.

After work I get back on my exercise bike and cycle slowly for another 30 minutes and do rehabilitation exercises for my ankle. Day to day I’m off pain killers and at times forget that I have a broken ankle.

At the end of the week I summoned the bravery to attempt to walk with just one crutch and my boot. I used the kitchen top as my safety net and set about hopping in the kitchen. Attempting to walk on just the one crutch means that I’m putting more weight on my broken ankle which means more pain than two crutches but the pain isn’t in my bone it’s the nerves in my foot that scream out if I put too much weight on them.

Walking with one crutch is rather clunky for me. I haven’t quite got the hang of it so need a bit more practice before I ditch one crutch completely.
This week also gave me a laugh. When a successful ballot place for the Great North Run appeared in my emails. I had entered at the beginning of my broken ankle experience when I naively thought that as soon as my cast came off I could just walk again! So it was quite a surprise when it popped in my emails when I think about the long recovery journey I have ahead of me.

I can postpone my place until next year and have until July to make this decision. For now I’m leaving it be and using it at a very high goal for my recovery!

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