Diary of a broken ankle: Week 6

I spent the first night sleeping in my boot as was too scared to take it off and leave it unprotected in the bed. However I soon learnt that the moon boot is so heavy that any time I wanted to turn over in my sleep I had to lift my leg with my hands and reposition myself. So I soon learnt how to trust myself to sleep without any protection on my ankle.

Saturday, Matt and I took a trip to Asda and for the first time in 6 weeks I didn’t take my wheelchair. I braved crutching myself along very slowly. I managed around 10 minutes then had to go and sit down in the cafe and wait for Matt. I was a little defeated but 10 minutes is the most I’ve walked in 6 weeks so it was a step in the right direction.

Monday was my first day back at work. And when I say back at work I mean working from the comfort of my sofa with my leg elevated. I’m still not able to manage my commute and won’t be able to until I can walk unassisted.

Waking up early was a shock to my system, even my dog was a little confused. It was nice to be able to start using my brain again however I was definitely a little rusty and not as productive but slowly over the week I improved and got back into the swing of things.

Working from home and dialling into meetings and Google Hangouts is making me miss my workplace and colleagues but it’s helping my determination to recover from this injury and get back to my usual busy life.

I think working has also improved my mood and mindset. I didn’t have a single down day in week 6. I believe keeping my mind busy on tasks has helped me not dwell on the injury.

Ankle rehab wise, everyday I’m getting stronger. I’ve been massaging my leg and foot regularly to keep the blood pumping through it and to desensitise my nerves which is really helping with my weight bearing, as when I first started to put weight on my foot I would have shooting pains if I put too much on it. I’ve been using the seating section of this Youtube video below to help move the muscles in my foot and ankle to help increase my range of motion.

Diary of a broken ankle:
Week 1 – The accident and cancelling Australia
Week 2 – Down days and mini wins
Week 3 – Mental health and finally some good news
Week 4 – Returning home and finding support
Week 5 – The cast is off
Visiting Paris with a broken ankle
Week 7 – Cycling and a half marathon surprise
Week 8 – First unassisted step and last hospital checkup
Week 9 – Returning to work



  1. Cathy

    Found your diary looking for some positive side to broken ankle
    How long did it take until you started to run again? I’m working my way to being able to ski in a couple of weeks but hoping that I’m not being too optimistic – that will be around week 13 of recovery
    Any advice


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