Diary of a broken ankle : Week 4

Saturday 14th January

Today I ended up with a small cut on my finger. Forgetting I was on blood thinners I just left it as I usually would. A few minutes later I realised that the bleeding had intensified, so I grabbed some tissue to wrap around it. 15 minutes later I was still bleeding. It was then I remembered my blood thinner tablets. For a second, I thought I was going to bleed out forever. It’s a scary thought that your blood has the inability to clot like it usually does. 40 minutes later, the panic was over and the bleeding had stopped. I think it’s the most drama I’ve had in a while!

Sunday 15th January

Forgetting again about my blood thinners, I enjoyed a bottle of wine or two on the Saturday night with my friend who came to visit me. I woke in the morning feeling really rough. Turns out there’s a reason they tell you not to drink on blood thinners!

Monday 16th January

Home time! Today is the day that Matt returns from Australia and I can go home. I spent the morning packing my belonging up at my mums house, which takes quite a lot of effort when you’re balancing on one leg. My poor mum had to pack up the car by herself and it turns out I’ve acquired quite a lot of belongings thanks to my injury: a wheelchair so I can leave the house, a giant 5ft pillow so I can sleep, a stool, bathmat and waterproof leg protector so I can shower and mini steps so I can get up off the floor after I’ve shuffled up the stairs on my bum.

Seeing Matt was emotional. I’ve been happy for him enjoying his travels over the past three weeks but it’s been tough dealing with my injury without him. We spent the rest of the day snoozing on the couch as he battled his jet lag and I rested my leg like every day.

Tuesday 17th January

I had one of my worst nights sleep. It’s going to take a little while to learn how to sleep comfortably with another person in the bed.

Matt went back to work and I opened up my work emails ready to change my out of office from the holiday I supposed to be on to my absence. A few hours later my handover had ben sent to my team and emails had been forwarded to team members. I seemed to be a little out of practice but I suppose I’m not going to be the most efficient after three weeks of no work.

The evening was spent starting to adapt the house so I can look after myself and the dog while Matt is at work.

Wednesday 18th January

I had a bad day today. I woke feeling blue and fed up. Matt had said in jest that my ankle will be useless forever which upset me. I’m so determined to heal and be back to normal I’m not in the right mindset at this moment for people to tell me otherwise. I’m not stupid, I know there is a possibility that my ankle might be ruined forever and I won’t be able to run again without complications. But it’s not what you want to hear when you’re doing everything you can to heal your injury correctly to keep this chance to a minimum.

I spent the day feeling useless and getting irate when I failed to make a smoothie for breakfast as was unable to get the Nutribullet from out of the cupboard and when I missed someone at the door because it took me too long to get up and answer it.

When Matt accidentally bashed my leg while helping me out of the shower the tears started again. It’s the first time he’s seen me having a bad day with my injury as I’d managed to hide them from him when he was in Australia, so I think he was a little shocked to see me in this state. I just had to explain through the tears that days like this happen every now and again as I miss my independence and hate relying on everyone to do things for me.

Thursday 19th January

I woke feeling a lot better today. Instead of being frustrated I felt determined. I spent the day researching physiotherapy tips for once my cast comes off and I’m able to start to learn how to walk again. I read other people’s recovery stories which I’m so thankful for. It’s lovely to hear from other people who can’t manage stairs on crutches and have shuffled up and down them on their bum – even in public spaces. For anyone else recovering from a similar injury I’d recommend reading people’s experiences, you can find some of them here. I’ve learnt some great tips on recovery from reading other people’s experiences and learnt a lot about how once the cast comes off it’s not as simple as just walking again – which I naively believed when the doctor signed me off work for 2 months. It can take months to learn to walk un-assisted and without a limp so I’ve got a little while yet to go!

Friday 20th January

Today is the first Friday not spent in hospital since Christmas! It’s the first Thursday evening I’ve slept well and first Friday I’ve not spent feeling sick.

Although it’s lovely to not have to go to hospital it’s strange not having the weekly reassurance that my leg is healing well. All I can do is continue to rest my leg and keep it elevated and minimise risk of it being knocked. I have my fingers crossed that my bone is healing well so that next Friday the cast will come off and be replace with a boot.

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