Diary of a broken ankle : Week 3 

Sunday 8th January

My inability to sleep is starting to drive me mad. It’s taking me about 2-3 hours of tossing
and turning before I fall asleep then I wake up every couple of hours with pain as I’ll have moved my leg in my sleep to a position not suitable for my cast.

Nights are currently being spent googling ways to help heal bones quicker. Vitamin D, magnesium, zinc, exercise for the muscles around the break, acupuncture, the list is endless.

For now I’ve added supplements to my diet and I’m going to be upping the leafy greens in my diet.

Monday 9th January

Today my mum decided we should venture to my neighbours for a change of surroundings for me. It’s only a small jump down the step to the garden, then across a very steepbroken-ankle-w3driveway and into my neighbours back garden and into their house.

All was well until I placed my left crutch on a piece of moss and slipped. My crutch fell out from under me and I slammed my cast into the floor.

My elderly neighbours then had to help me into their house. Cue tears and self-hatred from myself through my inability to go to my neighbours without falling over.

Tuesday 10th January

No one ever tells you about what a broken limb does to your mental health. I woke in the morning feeling the bluest I’ve felt in a long time. I just wanted to jump out of bed but when I saw my cast I was reminded that I was completely useless which made me just wanted to stay in bed forever.

Most of the day was spent in tears and anger. I was upset about being completely useless and having no independence and angry that I was upset. I keep telling myself it’s only a broken leg and it will heal but my mood is very blue for the majority of time. I think it’s a mixture of frustration, lack of sleep and no exercise or fresh air.

To try and tackle my blues I tried a chair workout I found on YouTube. I think they’re designed for obese or elderly people which is great for my moral but, hey, at least I’m moving.

Wednesday 11th January

Second day of my new chair workout regime and I’m feeling a little less blue.

I spoke to my mum about my inability to sleep and she suggested a solution. Off to Argos she went and she returned with a 5ft long pillow that I can now rest my broken leg on when I sleep. Here’s hoping it helps my discomfort.

Thursday 12th January

The pillow thankfully did help my discomfort. It still look me 3 hours to fall asleep but my Fitbit tells me I had the longest undisturbed sleep since Christmas Eve.

I spent the morning trying to figure out the reason for my broken ankle. I’m a big believer in everything happening for a reason and people keep telling me the same thing, but I’m yet to decide what the reason behind my broken ankle is.

My grandma was telling me it’s a test to see how strong I am by myself. I’ve had to deal with this all while my fiancé has been on the other side of the world.

I’ve wondered if it’s a sick and twist way to ensure that when I’m back to full health I satisfy my Fitbit’s demand to walk every hour and get my 10,000 daily steps in as I’ll be so thankful I am able to walk again.

My friend planted another seed in my head when she told me I need to take my time to getbroken-ankle-w3 better and worry about everything after I’m back to full health. So maybe the lesson my broken ankle is teaching me is to slow down and to take time for myself.

Whichever lesson I’m meant to learn from my broken ankle I’m not 100% sure I’ve learnt it yet.

Friday 13th January

I wake every Friday feeling sick. Friday is my weekly checkup at the hospital.

This week I was aiming to find out when my cast was going to come off so I could finally walk again. After a quick trip to the X-Ray I waited patiently in the consultant room for the doctor. Who this time took a while to appear, which lead to thoughts that my bone had slipped and I was going to need a operation… yes I panic when in hospitals.

I was fully prepared to hear bad news. That my cast would be staying on for another 4 weeks, that I will be off work for the foreseeable future and I won’t be flying to Paris. However for the first time in three weeks I received good news. My bone was doing well and they want me back in two weeks to see if they can take the cast off and change it to a boot so I can start to weight bare and start my physiotherapy.

For the first time in three weeks I left the hospital with a smile and not in floods of tears. The nurse even whispered in my ear as I left “At least you will get to enjoy one holiday out of two.”

Diary of a broken ankle:
Week 1 – The accident and cancelling Australia
Week 2 – Down days and mini wins
Week 4 – Returning home and finding support
Week 5 – The cast is off
Week 6 – Returning to work and ankle rehab
Visiting Paris with a broken ankle
Week 7 – Cycling and a half marathon surprise
Week 8 – First unassisted step and last hospital checkup
Week 9 – Returning to work


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