2016 : Running review

Up until Christmas Day I would have said that 2016 was one of my best running year. Actually scrap that, regardless of my Christmas Day mishap and current broken ankle 2016 has been my best running year.

The numbers

Total runs: 103

Total distance ran: 233.5 miles

Number of races: Four 10Ks

Fastest 10k: 1:13:44

Fastest 5k: 33:56

Fastest 1k: 6:29

Fastest 1 mile: 11:01

It’s not because of the miles I have ran, it’s because I have pushed myself to train and take part in races. I have had the aim to take part in an organised race for the past few years and never had the courage to actually sign up. However all it took was one good run and the realisation that I’m not as bad a runner than I thought I was for me to text my friend and ask her to sign up for a race with me.

A few days later we had 4 races over the next 4 months in our diaries. I managed to complete each 10k and ran my fastest race yet for the final one showing great progression.

Running in races also showed me that there is a great community in running. I was never going to be first and I haven’t yet been last, but no matter where I came in any race I always made friends. I’m not usually one for talking when running but I found it to be a great distraction and a great way to learn about other local races and running clubs. As I crossed every finish line I was able to congratulate the others I had ran along with which is a lovely thing to be able to do.

2017 will be a completely different year to what I had initially planned, and will probably one of my biggest challenges in my running.

This year I will instead be learning how to run again following my injury. I have already accepted that it will be spring time when I will be running again and my best bet is to plan any races for the last 6 months of the year. I had hoped to run a half marathon this year which was going to be a big challenge without the broken ankle. It’s frustrating to say the least but I have to ensure that I build my strength slowly but surly for the future health of my ankle.

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