Diary of a broken ankle : Week 2

Frustration. That’s what a broken ankle gives you, frustration. Frustration that you can’t walk. Frustration that you can’t climb stairs. Frustration that you can’t drive. Frustration you can’t even carry a cup of tea.

I look at others with envy as they can still walk around with ease. I envy my mum and friends planning their year of running and races knowing that I won’t be able to run until at least April or May.

However, in situations such as this you have to look at the positives.

  • My right leg, arms and abs are a hell of a lot stronger than they were 10 days ago, thanks to hopping around on one leg and pulling myself up the stairs on my bum.
  • I can pull myself up and down stairs on my bum a lot easier than I could 10 days ago. It’s take about 3 minutes now instead of 10.
  • I have managed to take a shower unassisted twice in the past week. No longer does someone have to wash my hair over a sink while I try and balance on one leg.
  • I have more flowers than my local florist thanks to my lovely friends.
  • I have managed to find a semi-comfortable sleeping position which involves a light blanket over my legs and my usual comfy duvet for my upper body while propping my ankle up on a cushion. I even managed more than a couple of hours of solid sleep the other night.
  • I spent the longest time out of the house yesterday thank to the wonderful wheelchair loan service that the Red Cross offer. A trip to the supermarket has never been so exciting!
  • The pain in my leg comes and goes and seems to have resided for the time being after having my new cast applied.
  • I have a lovely new Mulberry handbag thanks to the refund of my flights to Australia.
  • I have all the time in the world to binge watch Netflix. So if anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

In a more serious manner, I returned from my weekly check up today with the great news that my bone seems to be healing well and I don’t need a operation, which was my greatest fear.

The bad news was that I’m still not allowed the bare any weight on my leg and have to keep it well rested for the next 5 weeks. 5 weeks is a lot of sitting on your bum having your Fitbit tell you that you haven’t reached your 10,000 daily steps target.

I have another check up a week today to check that my bone is still doing well and to find out when I can get the cast off and start to use my leg again and gain some independence in my life.

Diary of a broken ankle:
Week 1 – The accident and cancelling Australia
Week 3 – Mental health and finally some good news
Week 4 – Returning home and finding support
Week 5 – The cast is off
Week 6 – Returning to work and ankle rehab
Visiting Paris with a broken ankle
Week 7 – Cycling and a half marathon surprise
Week 8 – First unassisted step and last hospital checkup
Week 9 – Returning to- work


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