Will you be my bridesmaid?

One of the first jobs I have completed in my wedding planning is choosing who will be my bridesmaids. I’m not a girl with many girlfriends but someone who is lucky to have a handful of girls who have always supported me and I know will be there for me no matter what. They also all happen to be the funnest people I know.

The second job was to figure out how to ask them whether they would actually want to be my bridesmaid. I had always wanted to do something special and wanted to organise a surprise day together with them all when I would pop the question. However with my friends living the length and breadth of England I knew this would be a tactical nightmare. So I went ahead with plan B.

I ordered some gorgeous cards in my wedding colour scheme from Not On The Hight-Street and wrote a personalised letter in each detailing what they mean to me and included some photos of us both throughout the years. Along with the card I included a simple elegant ring from Pandora, which can be the first item of their bridesmaid outfit.

The third job was actually presenting each of my friends with their box. I managed to do three out of the four in person, however with one friend in London it was hard to see her due to our work commitments. However each of their reactions was priceless and very special indeed and will be something I will remember forever.

Thankfully all four of my gorgeous friends said yes to the question and are already excited about planning my wedding and maybe more so my hen party!

Advice on choosing your Wedding Party

  • Choose who you want to be beside you on your day – it’s your day not your families.
  • Take your time, you don’t have to rush the decision, it took me nearly a year to ask my Bridal Party.
  • It’s OK to have uneven groomsmen and bridesmaids – I’ve chosen my Bridal Party with only an estimate from my groom-to-be on who will be in his Grooms Party.
  • More isn’t always merrier. You don’t want your Wedding Party to outnumber your guests so consider the size of your wedding.
  • Choose a responsible Maid of Honour and Best Man who you can rely on to support you through planning and on the big day.
  • Make sure being around them makes you happy – they should fill you with joy not worry on your big day.

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