Four 10ks in four months

Last weekend I ran my first ever 10k race.

It wasn’t easy, despite six weeks of training but I’m very proud that I finally took the plunge and completed my first race.

However that’s not the end of it for me. I now have another three 10k races over the next three months.

It started back in July after completing a great 9k run I texted my friend and asked her to do a race with me. ‘Definitely, find a race in the area and I’ll do it with you.’ I searched online and provided her with a list of three races. After seeing the list she jokingly suggested we do all three. We gave it a thought and decided we’d give ourselves the challenge. The fourth race was a race my friend had already signed up for in November so I decided to join her.

So what did I learn from my first 10k race-

  • My body struggles to perform in the heat. Anything over 20C and I’m going to struggle.
  • It’s much more of a mind game than a physical test. I’ve ran 10ks on a Sunday morning with my dog in tow. Yes they’re a mixture of running and walking but I still do it and enjoy it. Running with hundreds of others around you and spectators shouting your name is a strange experience the first time you do it. I had to keep reminding myself that I was racing myself and not anyone else around me.
  • Having a friend run with you does really help. Sarah has ran races before and performed a lot better than me on the day. Even though I kept telling her to run on and I’ll see her at the finish she kept by my side for the whole race and it was such a great feeling to cross the finish line together.
  • Make sure you get to the race with plenty of time to go. We got stuck in the line for the toilets before the race and ended up being one of the last people to cross the start line, 25 minutes after the start of the race! It did mean we ran past a lot of people but we missed a lot of the atmosphere as we didn’t set off with everyone else.
  • It’s empowering to see so many different ages and shapes of people completing the same challenge. Overall the day was fantastic. Everyone ran the race for their own reasons and had their own story and it was lovely to see this. I even ran past a lady who had a sign on her back saying ‘baby boy on board’.

I now have 4 weeks to go until my second race and am altering my training plan after my first race experience.

Last time I only included one strength workout a week and ran for 3 – 4 days a week. Although the my legs didn’t feel tired during the last race my breathing wasn’t the greatest so I’m looking to increase my cardio capacity and plan to do this with including some HIIT workouts into my training. So alongside my running plan in going to be including Insanity/ P90X3 workouts. These intense explosive workouts should improve my fitness and help increase my strength.
Do you have any tips for anyone planning to run a 10k race?


  1. Lizi

    This is so exciting! I’m doing 2 10ks in 2 months later this year so I’m feeling you on this! I’m trying to combine running with HIIT at the gym just to keep my fitness up as much as I can – once you’re in a rhythm, pure grit can get you through as long as you keep breathing 🙂 good luck with your races and I hope you have somewhere to proudly hang your medals! Xxx


  2. Caroline

    This is amazing, I’d managed to get my runs up to 10k in prep for Total Warrior then I quickly got out of the habit and have dropped back to about 5k and even that’s a struggle. I wonder if I should enter a 10k race to try and get me back into the swing of it?! Hrmm…


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