Nighttime skincare favourites

Being the wrong side of 25… and slowly creeping towards the big 30… my skincare regime has suddenly become much more important than it used to. During my teens I suffered from acne and was on every kind of skin medication. In my early twenties my skin wasn’t much better thanks to a very poor diet, far too much alcohol, many late nights and a reliance in makeup remover wipes as my only skincare. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I started to take notice of the factors that can effect my skin, so I’m now determined to look after it.

Every evening I now like to pamper my skin and give it all the goodness it needs to recover from what the day put’s it through. I have two products which I use intermittently to do this.

Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. The is perhaps my favourite. I’ve been using it daily for the past 3 months, there’s still a third of the pot left and I still adore putting it on. The cream has a bouncy and thick consistency. When you scoop a little out of the pot, the cream slowly falls back into place. When you apply the cream, it takes a little while to massage it into your face and neck but this means you get to enjoy a daily pamper. The cream mostly skinks into the skin, but it is mainly absorbed slowly over night, which means you wake in the morning to glowing, plump skin.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This is a new product to my skincare collection, but after only hearing rave reviews I crumbled and invested. This is a oil for your face, which as someone who suffers from an oily t-zone I used to avoid, but having read time and time again that the right oil on my face won’t make it oilier I decided to see for myself. And so far, so good. You only need a few drops of this oil to massage into your face – don’t make the mistake I did when I first tried it – oil everywhere! This oil leave my skin feeling refreshed and so soft, just like the Body Shop Sleeping Mask. Although I’ve only just started using it, it is starting to reduce the scaring I have on my cheeks from my teenage acne.

Both these products aren’t the cheapest skincare product on the market, but I don’t think they are unreasonable. They are entry level skincare products for those looking to invest a little more. Both are very good value for money, as I mentioned earlier the Body Shop Sleeping Mask has lasted me for three months and the Kiehl’s oil will last for some time as only the smallest amount is needed on each application.

Which nighttime skincare product do you reply on and recommend to others?


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