Do men respect an engagement ring more than a girl?

Since being an engaged women I’ve noticed various behaviours I’ve never experienced before but the other week I experienced something which has played on my mind since it happened.

For the first time in my life I was apologised to for being hit on.

A man was actually taken back from the sight of my engagement ring and profusely apologised for coming on to me. He didn’t just apologise once he kept apologising over and over again.

On the night I didn’t think much of it, I just laughed it off and continued to dance and drink my cocktail. However when looking back at the incident I’ve had others thoughts.

I’ve been chatted up many times when I’ve been in a relationship and when explaining the fact I have a boyfriend to these men, some think it’s an excuse and continued in their pursuit and others were offended and went off in a strop. This is probably one of the only times I’ve been apologised to. And it’s definitely the only time someone has profusely apologised over and over again.

Which leads to me question whether this man, and some other men respect an engagement ring more than the girl wearing it. Was this man apologising so profusely because he learnt I was to wed another man and belonged to another man? (Not that I belong to anyone… I’m a strong independent woman.)

I’ve heard of some girls who actually wear a fake engagement rings when out with their friends to act as a deterrent to unwanted attention.

I’m not saying all men behave or think like this, but there may be a small fraction of them that look at an engagement ring the same way that dogs pee on things to mark their territory – that an engagement ring signals that this girl is someone else’s territory and is not to be messed with.

Have you ever noticed any strange behaviour from others since you began to wearing a ring?


  1. cakevsscales

    I’ve also heard of women wearing a ring out, just to be left alone. I agree, some men see a ‘boyfriend’ as a challenge, however I agree engagement is considered that next step of commitment.


  2. Kirsty

    What an interesting point to make, I had never thought about it up until you mentioned it, but it seems to make sense! If some people do respect the engagement ring over the girl, where does that notion stem from? Interesting! Could possibly have just been that particular, very polite guy! 🙂


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