Healthy drinking?

A glass of wine is sometimes the only thing I need after a day at work. However my glass of wine isn’t just a glass, it’s at least 2 glasses, which sometimes lead to a bottle – but hey I’m not necking triple vodkas, shots and cocktails on a week night like I did 5 years ago – so I am maturing! However school night drinking still isn’t big or clever so I’ve started to venture into the world of none alcoholic wine.

All the relaxing flavours and sensations of holding that wine glass in my hand but no foggy head the next morning at my 5:45 wakeup call!

The world of none alcoholic drinks is a new world to me. When I shared with my friends that I was enjoying a ‘guilt free drink’ their response was “Catherine, what happened to you? Did you buy that by accident?” However it’s a new world which I am enjoying.

I’ve been drinking Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc. Now I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t have the usual crisp refreshing taste my favourite Sauvignon has but it does taste like a sweeter wine.  Enjoyed on a sunny evening in my back garden after a day in the office, it still gives me that relaxing release.

Eisberg alcohol free wines are made in the same way  as all quality wines, but the alcohol is gently removed. This leaves this alcohol free sauvignon blanc with a hint of gooseberry and tropical fruit.

What I’m also loving is that this guilt free wine has only 28 calories in a glass compared to the usual 150 or so in a usual glass of wine.

If you’re watching your sugar intake this wine (like all wines) isn’t one to choose, but for calorie counters it’s a great option.

I’m going to be adding this bottle to my wine (and Prosecco) rack so I can indulge in guilt free school night drinking, but also have a healthier option to hand for last minute barbecues and parties – great for when I’m designated driver too!


  1. Sandra

    Omg this is a brilliant idea – I honestly don’t know why i’ve never thought about this (probably because secretly I’m a budding alcoholic) but it certainly makes sense to enjoy the taste without the effects the next day. Thanks for sharing – very helpful!


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