Barcelona | Arc Du Triompe, Sagrada Familia, Burgers & Cocktails

On our second day in Barcelona, we enjoyed a wonderful lie-in in our gorgeous hotel room and headed straight for reception to enquiry about hiring bikes for the day.

Our hotel, Yurbban Trafalgar offers free bike hire to their hotel guests and we were in luck as there were just 2 bikes left. We hopped on our bikes and headed east down the road from out hotel.

Within a minute we reach the Arc Du Triompe which was bustling with tourists taking photos and locals trying to get on with their morning. The Arc itself is less famous than the one in Paris but’s it’s still an impressive sight. I loves the colourful details which are a nice change to the monotone L’Arc De Triomphe in Paris.

North from the Arc Du Triompe is the Passeig de Sant Joan, which is now one of my favourite cycle friendly streets. Unlike many streets in Barcelona and other cycle friendly cities in the world the cycle lane runs down the centre of the street. It’s lined with traffic lights to ensure you’re safe from road traffic and pedestrians crossing your way. The street even has a cycle counter at the top of the day 3.2

From the  Passeig de Sant Joan we peddled East again toward the famous Sagrada Família. Upon seeing the first seeing the Sagrada Família you can’t help but be impressed. It’s such a interesting and formidable building, which is located in the centre of, what looks like, a residential area of the city.

barcelona day 3.3

We decided to pop into a local café and grab some pastries and drinks to go so we could enjoy them under the shadow of the Sagrada Família. We enjoyed relaxing on a little bench while watching the hoards of tourists attempt to take selfies of themselves and the whole building – it was quite amusing and proved to be nearly impossible.

After enjoying breakfast with a fantastic view we hopped back on our bikes and headed back down to the Arc Du Triompe.

 This time we cycled right underneath it and through a number of small parks. We continued our journey right to the beach where we had spotted a bar we wanted to visit the day before.
  barcelona day 3.4

The bar in question was Makamaka Beach Burger Café which was filled with people – always a good sign! We found a table, rested our bikes next to us and drooled over the menu, packed full of cocktails and burgers I knew we’d made a good choice. As we’d had pastries a few hours earlier we decided to share one burger and one fries. We settled on the Big Maka which consisted of 200g Beef Patty, Grilled pepper, bacon, caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese and BBQ sauce.

After an amazing meal we jumped back on our bikes and headed north back to the hotel to relax by the pool for the rest of the afternoon.

  Yurbban has the most amazing rooftop pool and bar. These views take a lot to be beaten! The rooftop has a small pool, sun loungers, bar area and comfortable couches, bean bags etc. to chill on.
  In the evening we wanted to head somewhere for celebratory drinks as it was Matt’s last evening of being 29, so we took the recommendation of a friend who lived in Barcelona and headed to Boadas. Boadas is located just off La Rambla and is the oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona having located the same tiny location since 1933. The bar is very small with a capacity of just 40 people and seats for around 15. It’s a dark wooden panelled room which just screams speak easy. The bar doesn’t have a menu, just very talented mixologists who make classic cocktails. Without the recommendation we definitely wouldn’t have found it but are glad we experienced the place.


  1. Peter

    Oh wow. I am incredibly jealous. I love Barcelona! Probably my favourite city of the ones that I have visited.

    I’ve never seen the new addition to the Sagrada as it was all covered up the last time I was there, or perhaps that section wasn’t even started. It’s such a project. Haha

    I’d love to actually stay in Barcelona rather than a resort further down the coast. Always felt like my time was so limited when there was so much to do.



  2. goisy

    I’m SO excited that you went to Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe – I discovered it when I went to Barcelona over New Year and oh my gosh, how delicious! Looks like you had a great trip, although the inside of the Sagrada Familia is even better than the outside! 🙂 xx


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