New York City | Brunch, NFL Sunday, Rooftop Cocktails

On our final day in New York we relaxed and enjoyed some of our favourite (and most memorable spots). In the morning we woke early and headed to our favourite bakery to grab some hot drinks as it was a beautiful crisp and cool day. We ventured into Central Park and headed to the spot that Matt had proposed to me to take some photos seem none were taken on the big night. new york day 4new york day 4.1new york day 4.2new york day 4.3 Thankfully the spot was just as quiet as it had been on New Year’s Eve and we climbed ontop of it and enjoyed watching over the park with hot drinks in hand.  We took a couple of obligatory selfies with ring firmly in hand before jumping on the subway to head to Cafeteria for brunch. new york day 4.6Cafeteria is a 24/7 eatery with a fantastic menu at any time of the day. As it was still morning (just) I chose the insane French toast. Their Crunchy Croissant French Toast is exactly what it says, a croissant covered in the sweet French toast batter, toasted, with cornflakes added as a crust – so, so, so many calories but sooooo worth it!

We then did a little shopping and picked up some bits to take home that people had asked for and that I had my eye on, but as it was one of the coldest days we were desperate to find some cover for the afternoon. Although it was a gorgeously clear day the temperature dropped to -8C and the wind had a chill factor of what felt like -50C. So as it was Sunday Matt was desperate to head to a sports bar and enjoy NFL Super Sunday, so we did exactly that.

new york day 4.5new york day 4.10We went to Smiths bar which is very central, just round the corner from Time’s Square, as we had been there a few times before and know it does a happy hour (like many bars) during NFL games. Thankfully I recently finished watching Friday Night Lights so I have a general understanding of American Football from that so it was quite an interesting afternoon.

After a few (many drinks) I realised there was one thing left on my wish list for this trip and that was the Cupcake ATM at Sprinkles. So we jumped back on the subway and headed up to the Upper East Side in search from cupcakes. Even though the shop was still open I was insistent that the cake we bought would be from the ATM – because why wouldn’t you! If I remember correctly the cupcake costs around $4 and there’s an option of about 10 tasty flavours that you can choose from.

new york day 4.7new york day 4.9
After a rather relaxing but very day we headed back to our hotel to thaw out a little. We wanted to stay close in the evening as we were conscious that we’d need to wake up and pack in the morning. Thankfully Hells Kitchen has many bars and eateries to enjoy. I really wanted to enjoy our last evening in a rooftop bar looking over the city that I’ve fallen in love with and now has so many wonderful memories for Matt and I and I was in luck! Just around the corner from our hotel was the Ink48 hotel which is home to the Press Lounge bar. The bar offers 360 degree view across to the Midtown skyline and across the Hudson River. new york press loungenew york day 4.11There’s a fantastic cocktail menu but as it was our last celebration we chose some fizz and found a cosy couch in the covered terrace to enjoy the views. It was the perfect way to end an unforgettable trip!

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