How much do you really know about healthy living?

Health is currently one of the biggest trends. Avocados, designer gym gear, clean eating blogs going main stream, quinoa, running selfies, Nutribullets, HIIT, girls lifting weights; it’s fantastic to see being healthy and strong as a goal that many want to achieve.

With health being the latest trend there has been a surge in information on how to live a healthy lifestyle. The ease of information sharing on the internet and social media is of course fantastic but at the same time it can be confusing. I for sure have read articles that claim a certain food group is good for you one week then the next week it can cause life threatening diseases.

I started to live a healthier lifestyle after family members close to me were diagnosed with cancer, so I often try and educate myself on how to live a healthy lifestyle. For this reason I’m always interested in testing my knowledge – call me competitive!

Last month was National Heart Month – and no not just in the romantic sense – you may haver seen some top tips on how to look after your heart flying around in the news as a result.

As someone who thinks they know a little bit about health I challenged myself to the following quiz – What do you know about healthy living? – and was quite surprised to learn a few new facts about keeping healthy.

The quiz also enforced my current knowledge that small changes can really make a huge impact on your health!

Did you learn anything new from the quiz? Which fact surprised you the most?

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  1. Emily

    interesting! unfortunately the quiz didn’t load for me but i’ll try again later. I’m always interested in new nutritional information but sometimes it can become a bit confusing.


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