Sticky Mix Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

I think one of the biggest struggles for me when tackling Veganuary was concerning baking. I love to bake! I’ve baked a few vegetable cakes before such as beetroot, sweet potato or courgette, but most recipes still included eggs or butter. So when I discovered Sticky Mix in last months Vegan Kind box I was very excited!

Sticky Mix Cookie review-1

Sticky Mix specializes in baking mixes. The big thing for vegans is there have a range of free from mixes, free from dairy, eggs and soya.  Inside Sticky Mix there are most of the ingredients needed for your bake. The box included a bag of vegan chocolate chips, flour and sugar, all that I needed to add was vegan butter and water.

Sticky Mix Cookie review-3

The recipe took 5 minutes to pull together and 10 minutes to bake. The cookie batter was even nice enough to lick off the spoon before washing up!

I ended up with 10 decent sized cookies. They weren’t as chewy as I like my cookies – a little more spongy but I think that’s because I added a little too much water to the mix so had to throw in some additional flour to soak this up.

I’ll definitely be buying this mix again and may even try some of there other flavours!

Have you ever used Sticky Mix before? Have you any vegan baking tips?


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