The Body Shop Drops of Youth | 28 Day Challenge – First Impressions

Since learning that face-wipes aren’t the way to clean or look after your skin a few years ago, I have become obsessed with caring for my skin. In fact, since ditching the face-wipes 4 years ago my skin has never looks better, but it does suffer from dullness and fatigue every now and again. Plus now that I am on the wrong side of 25, I am more conscious that I need to be taking precautions with my skin now so that it looks good for years to come! So when The Body Shop contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in taking part in their 28 days #DropsOfYouth challenge I jumped at the chance.


The 28 day challenge involves using the products from their Drop of Youth collection, including the latest release, Youth Cream, which contains Babassu oil which enhances skin renewal leaving you with youthful and fresh skin. The challenge is 28 days long because this is the length of time taken for a cycle of skin cell production and replacement, so any effect of new products will be seen in this time.

I started my challenge last night and applied all the products for the nighttime skincare regime and am already in love with the Bouncy Sleeping Mask. I awoke this morning to skin that was smooth and refreshed.

I’m looking forward to seeing what results this skincare regime brings for me!


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