New York City | Chelsea, Wall Street & Brooklyn Sunsets

Our third in New York was a day of exploration. We headed south down 10th Avenue to pick up the High Line in Chelsea.

New York - Day 3New York - Day 3-1

It was a chilly morning, which meant the High Line itself was peaceful, there were a few tourist taking photos, locals taking a morning run and some old dears taking a stroll. I’ve not visited the High Line before but really enjoyed the space, it’s very unusual to see such calm in the centre of Manhattan. The garden offers some great views of Manhattan and shows off some great modern architecture.

New York City Day 3-2 New York City Day 3-1

After our amble between the rooftops of Chelsea we dropped off in search of Chelsea Market. I was expecting to find it really easily with it being such a popular destination for locals and tourists, however we struggled initially. It wasn’t until we spotted a group of people exit a door between two shop fronts that we realized this was the way in. Upon entering Chelsea Market I was taken back as it was unlike any other market I have explored. Rather than being a large open space filled with stalls, it was like an Aladdin’s cave, a narrow winding passage lined with delis, bakeries, cafes, wineries and taco stands.

New York City Day 3-4 New York City Day 3-3

We wandered around eyes wide with all the delicacies shown to us. After a little while our bellies started to rumble but we’d already organised our lunch for the day so decided to have a little treat to keep us going. We’d spotted a rather interesting doughnut stand that we returned to.

New York City Day 3-5New York City Day 3-6New York City Day 3-7

With a wide range of flavours available we went for the Purple Pig and traditional powdered sugar. Both sets of doughnuts were soft, fluffy and moreish, but the Purple Pig ones were amazing! Maple Bacon doughnuts are a winner in my eyes.

After spending the morning exploring the markets it was lunchtime so we headed south again to a restaurant we’d read up about called The Spotted Pig.

The Spotted Pig is a Gastro Pub that is supposedly Kayne West’s favourite place to be. In fact he and Kim spent Valentine’s Day there. The restaurant has 1 Michelin star and is actually very small once you step inside. The interior is decorated as if it was a traditional English pub, the only real difference is the table cloths on the tables and the menu.

IMG_0658 new york day 31

Matt and I struggled to choose a dish off the Brunch Menu as everything seemed amazing. So we decided to share the Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Onion Marmalade and Mustard and the notorious Chargrilled Burger with Roquefort and Shoestring Fries. Both were just as tasty and filling as they look. The grilled cheese was gooey, crispy and perfectly complimented by the mustard and relish. The burger was cooked to perfection, pink in the middles, seasoned well and melted in your mouth.

After lunch we headed south towards Wall Street in search of a little secret I’d read about. We were looking for the Elevated Acre among the hustle and bustle of the Financial District. This garden is a small oasis with views over the Hudson. It took a little searching, but we finally found the escalators that give access to this garden. Upon climbing the stairs we were pleased to have not given up the search.

new york day 32 New york day 3 1

The garden was completely empty, not a person in sight, just spectacular views over the river. We had a little wander around the lawn and settled on a bench to take in the view. As the sun was starting to descend we decided to head up to the Brooklyn Bridge so we could watch the sunset over the Manhattan skyline.

New York City Day 3-8

The walk across the Brooklyn Bridge was chaotic. Last year when we visited the bridge we were the only people on it, so it was quite a change. After the walk across the headed for the Brooklyn Heights Promenade to settle down for the sunset.

New York City Day 3-12

The sun set quickly, within half an hour and the walk and wait was 100% worth it. Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge changed to a beautiful bronze colour as it reflected the last of the days sun and the skyline soon light up with dots of light from all stories of the skyscrapers.


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