Veganuary | Week Two

Well week two of my Veganuary journey has been tougher! For some reason I have had huge cravings for cheese. Before turning to a plant based diet I never used to eat that much cheese, it’s never been a staple in my diet, but over the past week I keep thinking about it! I have tried vegan cheese – Tesco’s own brand which was not good, and Violife which is a little nicer. 

I’ve surprised myself over the past few weeks because I’ve not really missed meat. I think I could easily follow a vegetarian diet as I did when I was younger but not eating egg, milk and cheese has been a little bit of a challenge for me. I ordered a number of vegan cookbooks this week to help find some inspiration and many of the recipes look amazing! 

This past week I signed up for The Vegan Kind monthly boxes and was hugely impressed with the first box, even Patch was a little obsessed with it too! There’s some fab treats in there that I’ve tried already – the cookies were amazing – and am looking forward to trying! These treats along with my trusty Nakd bars have really helped my chocolate cravings! I even found some vegan ice-cream in Tesco which I crumble Nakd bars on top of for a little treat! IMG_0931IMG_0949IMG_0960

I’m looking forward to getting my cook on next week now I have a hundred vegan friendly recipes!


  1. Stephanie

    I know what you mean by thinking you’d never be able to go vegan, I’m like that too, and the problem is that I really love cheese, and if I had the wealth, I would buy my favourite ones by the wheel. It is easy to live on a vegan diet, but a lot of people don’t do their research, let alone do it properly to ensure they remain healthy.

    Those cookies look super yummy. I heard of this marshmallow company that’s vegan AND gourmet, so if that’s your thing then you definitely should try them out, they’re based in the UK.



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