Veganuary | Week One

So I’m a little behind the rest of the world with Veganuary thanks to my trip to New York and a weekend of celebrating my engagement, but I have finally made a start and what a steep learning curve it has been!

veganuary 2

I started the week by going through my current cook books looking for inspiration for vegan meals and didn’t come up with much that took my fancy. So many of my meals this week have included Vegan Quorn as a meat replacement…. which has been a life saver and I think a good stepping stone into Veganuary.

I haven’t eaten particularly healthily this week thanks to a busy first week back at work, but it has been healthier than it usually would be if I hadn’t of been eating a vegan diet. For example on Tuesday evening Matt and I were both working late, so we ended up popping to the local shop to pick up something easy to chuck in the oven. The food I would normally treat myself to in this instance – pasta, garlic bread, cheese on toast, pizza were all off limits, so I ended up with beans on toast. Which although isn’t the most nutritious meal isn’t as bad as the other option I would have gone for.

veganuary 3

I had made plans to make a huge salad to take to work for lunch, however always forgot to make it and never had time in the morning, so I would pick up something at work. Thankfully working for the Co-op there are quite a few vegan options to choose from the store within our offices and within the canteen. I had a number of fresh salads, snack pots, wraps and crisps. I’ve also picked up a number of treats from the Co-op store within my town to give me that chocolate fix I sometimes needed! The shortbread shown below is very tasty.

veganuary 4

Yesterday Matt and I treated ourselves to some burgers at Handmade Burger Company, he had beef I had one of their 4 vegan options. We’d decided to head there thanks to their 50% Veganuary offer but I was disappointed to find that the offer isn’t valid if you dine with someone who isn’t vegan! I enjoyed my meal but I was very annoyed at what I thought was a bit of false advertisement. I have tweeted them asking for more info regarding this but they haven’t yet got back to me.

So far I have been enjoying Veganuary. It has started to open my eyes to what is in food products – who knew that there was milk and eggs in practically everything! But I haven’t found it too difficult. Breakfast and lunches have been a breeze, I think it’s dinner that I will have difficulties with over the next few weeks. I’m going to order some vegan cook books so hopefully I have lots of dinner options to choose from.

This next week I’m planning on being more adventurous with my meals and being more prepared! Today will be spent making my salads for lunch for the next week and also a big pot of sweet potato soup as a dinner option.

Are you taking part in Veganuary this year? Do you have recommendation on vegan cook book or blogs to follow?


  1. Rhiannon

    I recommnd Thug Kitchen, its funny to read but the food is divine. I have their book and it is wonderful. I actually accidentally bought it not know it was full vegan but it is great. We eat veggie most of the week normally even accidentally vegan but do have meat sometimes.


    1. Cat Storey

      I was shocked to see it’s in so many things you wouldn’t expect it to be! I’m intolerant to milk to so am looking forward to seeing how my body reacts to having none over the next month or so.


  2. Louise

    I’m doing Veganuary too and have just started to enjoy it, it was tough at first but now I’m getting more used to it. I had no idea Co-op did vegan friendly salads (my local is only a small one) but these would be perfect for me because vegan lunch ideas is what I’ve really struggled with the most haha! Super helpful post 🙂 x


    1. Cat Storey

      It’s great you’re starting to enjoy it. Co-op are good in that they always label on the front of products if it’s Vegan-friendly. I’ve ordered some cook books so hoping it will help with my dinner inspiration! 🙂


  3. Georgina

    Do you read Jack Monroe’s blog? She’s doing a similar challenge, and is updating a lot of her old recipes to include a vegan option. She had a fair few vegan options anyway, so there’s lot of choice and all super cheap!
    I’m planning on going veggie for a month later in the year, and I’m enjoying gathering recipes already. Good luck with the rest of Veganuary!


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